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Sly Fox 20 Anniversary Ale coming soon

Sly Fox 20

Sly Fox 20, a dry-hopped, Belgian-style golden ale on the way. The beer celebrates 20 years of brewing in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

The brewery’s birthday party will be held on December 11th, 2015. Expect Sly Fox 20 around that time.

Style: Belgian-style Golden Ale
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: TBA

?? ABV

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Sly Fox SRT Ale Launches in Cans on Earth Day

Sly Fox Brewing Company, Pottstown, PA will release a new canned offering, Sly Fox SRT Ale on Earth Day, 2015.

SRT Ale is built for the outdoors, and those who love behind outside. The new beer is a hop-forward pale ale, just 4.6% alcohol by volume.

Pennsylvanians will recognize SRT as Schuylkill River Trail. A recreational trail near the brewery.

“Brewing a tribute beer to the crown jewel of regional recreation was a natural for us,” said Sly Fox Brewmaster, Brian O’Reilly. “The Schuylkill Watershed is vital to the work we do and Sly Fox is committed to supporting it.”

Sly Fox SRT Ale will contribute to the trail upkeep as well. The SRT Spree will follow a Sly Fox launch team over the course of four nights and five days as they trek from Pottsville to Philadelphia with a larger-than-life SRT ALE can, to celebrate the beer launch, and the trail. 12oz cans launch in April, 2015.

Style: Pale Ale
Availability: 12oz Cans
Arrival: April, 2015

?? ABV

Sly Fox Beer

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Sly Fox 360 Can Illegal in New Jersey. Snookie Is Still Legal

Back in March at the Craft Brewers Conference,  Sly Fox Brewing introduced their latest innovation – the 360 lid can. These cans feature a pull top lid that comes completely off similarly to a cat food or fruit cup container allowing for easier drinking and better hop aroma. In New Jersey however, these types of cans are illegal due to a litter law from the 1970’s banning any detachable metal on a can.

Sly Fox is quite disappointed as all parts of the lid are recyclable, the lid passes all safety tests, and it actually takes less metal to make those lids than it does to make a bottle cap (which by the way are a detachable metal piece). Regardless don’t expect to see these new cans in New Jersey anytime soon.

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Sly Fox Helles & Pils in New 360 Cans

Sly Fox Brewing Company will soon be the first North American Company with the  360 Lid can technology developed by Crown Holdings, Inc. The entire lid of the can is removable, turning the whole can into a drinking vessel.

Helles Golden Lager will be the first launched using the 360 Lid.  Pikeland Pils will be offered with it exclusively at Citizens Bank Park, this spring and summer.  Look for Helles distribution in the new can in April.


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Sly Fox Debuting Removable Lid Beer Cans

Ok, let’s review. You’ve seen wide mouth cans, punch top cans and more. Sly Fox (Phoenixville, PA) will debut the full lid pop top next week. As you can see above, you literally pull the top off the can and drink it like it’s a glass. According to the brewery, the lids are 30% lighter than a beer cap, meaning less waste/less to have to recycle.  What about the lip of the can? Is it sharp? Why does this beer taste like blood?

The lip of the can is safe, and will not cut your lip upon drinking. It passes various sharp tests used in testing children’s toys.  Look for the debut locally in early April.


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Introducing Brotherly Suds #3 [Video]

The Brotherly Suds collaboration features a host of Pennsylvania breweries coming together to make beer for Philly Beer Week.  This 3rd work of beer art is a vienna lager fermented with a kolsch yeast.  A mix of American & german hops join the party.  Troegs, Sly Fox, Yards, Nodding Head, Iron Hill, Victory, and Stoudts helps make this year’s suds.  It is Troeg’s Scratch #67.

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