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RIP Odonata Brewing

Odonata Brewing (Sacramento, CA) is no more.  Brewmaster Peter Hoey has called it quits.

The brewery was founded in 2009, and quickly became known for farmhouse ales & quadruples.  The decision to close was of course financial.

[quote]”We were trying to bring a premium product to market at an affordable price but the margins weren’t there to support that business model,” said Hoey. “It got to the point where we needed to brew another batch to supply the market and I had to make call (to cease operations).”

Hoey will be advising other local Sacramento breweries as they get started.  There are potential 5 in the area to open their doors soon.  Currently, there is a 2 month remaining supply of Odonata beers on shelves in the California area.  <SacramentoBee>