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Posted in Mystery Brewing, New Beers
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Mystery Brewing’s Fall Offerings

Mystery Brewing

Mystery Brewing (Hillsborough, NC) has sent over their list of fall beers/offerings.  Below is the list, and descriptions straight from the source. You don’t see much Mystery far from the Hillsborough, but if get a change at a pint, don’t pass it up.

Pickwick English Mild Ale – Traditional English-style mild ale, based on a historic recipe. Light, crisp and malty, with a kiss of hops.

Fantine Red Belgian IPA – Built on an Irish Red recipe, hopped with tangeriney Summit hops, fermented with Belgian Abbey yeast.  Crazy delicious.

Rosalind Autumnal Saison – Light, crisp, slightly hoppier saison.  Light bitterness plays with our house yeast for a refreshing farmhouse ale.
Thornfield’s End Smoked Rye Stout – Robust and smokey.  The milk-chocolatey flavor of roasted rye malt is complimented by the rich meatiness of cherry smoked malt.
Wine-Barrel Aged Hornigold Oak-Aged English IPA – Last year’s fall IPA, aged 9 months in wine casks with fresh local hops, dry hopped with a load of Fuggles and Goldings hops.  Like IPA would have tasted 150 years ago with a hint of wine fruitiness.
Westoberfest Octoberfest – Our own Octoberfest, released at Octoberfest like an Octoberfest should be.  Rich Vienna and Munich malts blended with traditional Hallertau Herbrucker hops.
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The Inspirational Mystery Brewing Taproom [PIC]

Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough, North Carolina draws their inspiration from a quote from Anchor Brewing’s Fritz Maytag.

The beer does not make itself properly by itself. It takes an element of mystery, it takes an element of mystery and of things that no one can understand.”

The barrel room you see here is part of one large open space that holds the taproom and brewhouse.

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