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‘Craft’ Can Cocktails Arrive at Red Robin

Anyone who’s heard of a Michelada knows that beer cocktails aren’t a new thing. Beermosas and beeritas are popping up on beverage menus across the country. Now, Red Robin is embracing the trend with their new Can-Crafted Cocktails.

· Coors Light® Can-Craftedâ„¢ Cocktail — A mixture of Coors Light, ginger liqueur and lemonade topped with fresh squeezed lemon

· Blue Moon® Can-Craftedâ„¢ Cocktail — A refreshing combination of Blue Moon Belgian White, SVEDKA Clementine vodka, orange juice and fresh lime juice

Earlier in the week Molson Coors reported their Blue Moon accounts for 10% of the craft beer market, so the cocktail isn’t a bad move on their part. Plus, now Coors Light will taste like something!

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Molson Canadian Wheat

It’s the first day of spring which means summer is right around the corner. Who doesn’t love a good wheat beer during warmer weather? Molson Canadian has jumped on board by adding Molson Canadian Wheat to their lineup, promoting the beer as being “Naturally Cloudy. Refreshing Taste.” The video shows two ladies switching from seemingly pretentious appearance to a more relaxed, natural summer look that I can totally get behind. Bring on the warm weather and bring on the wheat beers!

Style: Wheat Ale
Availability: 12 oz bottles,  cans
Arrival: coming soon

4.5% ABV 

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The NHL Beer Wars

Labatt (Who brews Budweiser in Canada) Vs. Molson, are locked in a different playoff situation.  Last fall, Molson inked a deal with the National Hockey League making it the official beer of the league.  That’s makes it difficult for Labatt to market to the NHL fans in Canada.  So the brewery has been finding other ways to do so, without using the NHL name.  Remember the “Flash Fans” video that Labatt/Bud did earlier in the year?  From most people’s perspective, it was pretty cool commercial highlighting the sport.  In real life, they were accused of exploiting people, because they used non union labor for the crowd people.  (Seriously???)

Enter new promotion: The “Playoff Payoff.”  The winner receives hockey tickets for life.  The winner chooses tickets to the Canadian team of their choice.  Pretty cool right? Wrong.  Apparently by running such a promotion, Labatt is either explicitly or implicitly tying themselves to the NHL.  Lawyers say no, not yet.  The winner COULD choose minor league teams too.  No where does it say it has to be NHL.   Until they do, there is no legal tie.

The NHL had to issue this statement is response:

You may have heard about a contest that is currently being run in Canada promoting the chance to win “hockey tickets for life” to a Canadian hockey team’s games. We want our fans to know that the NHL has no affiliation with that promotion, and we can offer no assurances to our fans that the desired tickets will be available to the winner.

To sum it up.  Labatt takes Molson & the NHL to court over the sponsorship deal.  Labatt/Bud make fan commercial.  Canadian labor union sues Labatt/Bud.  Labatt runs ticket con Molson objects.  NHL is confused.  Hockey playoffs roll on.


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Iced Tea Flavored Coors Light Coming To Canada

A new twist on the Arnold Palmer?  Maybe.  If you were in the habit of mixing your Coors Light with iced tea, come April you will no longer have to do that.  Molson Coors Brewing Company unveiled their latest concoction yesterday, iced tea flavored Coors Light.  This new brew will launch in Canada in April and then will later expand to the US depending on the response.  Coors Light Iced T will be about 4% ABV and will have no caffeine.

Molson Coors is also looking to expand other niche brands such as Batch 19 and Blue Moon to additional markets such as China and India.

[Coors Light Iced Tea]

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Molson Coors Clear Beer For Women

Molson Coors

Molson Coors is announcing a new beer targeting female drinkers today. The beer — Animee, hopes to capture more of the lady beer drinkers.

Animee translated to English as “motivated”, is a light lager developed to be “bloat resistant. The research alone spanned 2 years and over a million dollars.

Get this… the beer is clear. Like Sprite or 7-Up, (or Crystal Pepsi), the beer is clear. There will apparently be 2 flavor variations — rose & citrus.

This lager will debut in England first. Coors states the female drinking population is just 17%, where in the U.S. it’s over 25% [BrandRepublic]