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Jailhouse’s Slammer Wheat Headed for 12oz Bottles

Jailhouse Brewing Company (Hampton, GA) is transitioning some of their lineup to 12oz bottles. New artwork has been created too for the change. Slammer Wheat, the brewery’s best selling beer is among the first.

Bright and fruity with a touch of tartness. Lightly hopped for balanced flavor, hints of green banana and pineapple are signature elements of this unfiltered wheat.

Style: American Wheat Ale
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft. 12 oz Bottles. Year round

5% ABV

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Jailhouse Brewing Is Adding 12oz Bottles

Jailhouse Brewing Company (Hampton, GA) is adding a new bottle size to their lineup this summer- the old 12 oz’er. Since the brewery’s inception, they have packaged in 22oz bombers; and while they have sold well, they hope a 12 ounce option is less daunting.

Look for the package addition later this summer.

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Happy 3rd Jailhouse Brewing!

Jailhouse Brewing is a big up and coming brewery in Atlanta. Glen Golden and crew brew in an old jailhouse just south of the city in Hampton, Georgia. Over the past 3 years, the company has seen strong growth with their three mainstays: Slammer Wheat, Breakout Stout, and Mugshot IPA on draft and 22oz bottles.

Recently, the brewery released Dead Man Walking, a dopplebock. They have started naming their one-off casks after notorious gangsters & criminals, and is considering and new package size. Happy Birthday, I’ll drink one to you today.

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Jailhouse Launches First Doppelbock Today

Jailhouse Brewing (Hampton, GA) is launching their first doppelbock this today. The brewery started the first batches of this brew late this summer. Brewmaster Glen Golden describes this big beer:

Dead Man Walking marks our third entry into our seasonal lineup of beers known as the Trustees. Inspired by the darker days and haunting nights of October, Dead Man Walking is our  interpretation of a German-Style Doppelbock. Munich and Pilsner malt provide a hint of malt sweetness layered with dark crystal and  caramel malts including caramunich and caraaroma. The specialty grains impart noticeable dark fruit accents such as cherries, raisins and cranberries while the background notes of caramel  and cocoa play a haunting tune. A surprisingly semi-dry finish makes for a very drinkable and  refreshing version of a doppelbock.

Look for in 22 oz bombers, and draft in starting this week. (For those in Atlanta, look for a launch party at Cypress Street on 10/2)

Style: Doppelbock

7% ABV, 25 IBUs

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Jailhouse & Max Lagers Create “Partners In Crime”

Glenn Golden of Jailhouse Brewing Company (Hampton, GA), John Roberts of Max Lagers’ (Atlanta), and Chris Collier (formerly of Nantahala) just released a new collaboration- Partners In Crime. The group created a Berliner Weiss, a beer traditionally soured by lactobacillus. Lacto is a bacteria you don’t want freely running around your brewery. (It can sour beers that aren’t supposed to be sour.) Their solution is add lactobacillus to the beer “preboil” and allowed it to sour over night. Viola! The rest of the beers are safe.

Partners in Crime exhibits a dominant wheat beer character with a supporting cast of unique and funky flavors. Our sour mash and lactobacillus additions impart an extra depth described as a lemon and peach fruit with a hint of corn and farmland. The star is the sour notethat brightens the beer and adds a crisp tart finish.

Style: Berliner Weisse
Taste (Per JH): A tart wheat flavor with lemon and peach accents. An earthy farm-like aroma and flavor adds complexity to the beer that finishes with a crisp tartness.

Availability: Draft only

4.5% ABV, 10 IBUs

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Jailhouse 4D IPA

Jailhouse 4D IPA