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Big frog. 17.4% Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged Gavel Slammer debuts on Black Friday

Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged Gavel Slammer

Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged Gavel Slammer will be available on Black Friday. 

Huge. Best descriptor for this big beer. On Black Friday, Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged Gavel Slammer. The 17.2% alcohol by volume dark has been aged in brewery selected whiskey barrels.

Barrel-aged over-the-top ale like no other, with a truly magnificent character from aging in select whiskey barrels. Rich, aromatic, lively and dark, with layer after layer of roasted, toasted, and caramelized malts, beautifully balanced from the oak barrel. We’ve done our part, slamming the hammer down for freedom from alcohol limits.

Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged Gavel Slammer will be available in 12-ounce bottles at 10 am on November 24th.

Style: American Strong Ale (Barrel Aged. Whiskey.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles. Brewery only release.
Debut: 11/24/17

17.4%, 65 IBUs

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Hoppin Frog debuts their first cans with Grapefruit Turbo Shandy

Hoppin Frog Grapefruit Turbo Shandy

Today marks a first for Akron, Ohio’s Hoppin Frog – cans. The brewery has chosen Grapefruit Turbo Shandy has the first aluminum addition.

For the longest time, Hoppin Frog has been releasing their boozy lineup in 22 ounce bottle and draft. Grapefruit Turbo Shandy is no different, it’s 7% alcohol by volume.

Unlike traditional shandy’s, Turbo Shandy revs it up a couple notches with a high test, full flavored approach as only Hoppin’ Frog can do!

Summer heat is perfect drinking weather, but those 22 ounce bottles of Turbo aren’t pool approved. Today, Fred Karm and his brewery are testing the waters for future can releases.

Grapefruit Turbo Shandy is available at the brewery today, June 22nd, with distribution to follow shortly after. Estimated retail price – $14.99.

Style: Shandy (w/ Grapefruit)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut (Cans): 6/22/17

7% ABV

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Hoppin Frog El Froguistador

Hoppin Frog El Froguistador

Hoppin Frog El Froguistador

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Hoppin’ Frog Celebrates LeBron James Return

Hoppin' Frog King Gose Home

Akron, Ohio based Hoppin’ Frog is thrilled to have Lebron James back home, and is celebrating with a beer dedicated to the king. This is King Gose Home.

King Gose Home is brewed with coriander and sea salt. Beer Street Journal is told bottles go on sale at the brewery on October 28th, 2014. $8.99 per bottle.

Style: Gose (w/ Coriander, Sea Salt)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft.
Arrival: 10/28/14

6% ABV

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Hoppin Frog Hop Heathen Returns

Perfect for Friday the 13th is Hoppin’ Frog’s Hop Heathen. This “heathen” is a black IPA that is as dark a midnight on the 12th. The brewery describes this brew as crisp black beer, with a lightly roasty and chocolatey character. ERP $8.99.

Hop Heathen is a distributed beer.

Style: Black IPA
Availability: 22oz bombers. Fall Seasonal

8.8% ABV



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Hoppin Frog’s Euro Collabs Continue with Frog Hops “To”

Amager Frog Hops To Amager

Fred Karm, founder of Hoppin’ Frog in Akron, Ohio, spent time brewing in Europe.  His trip yielded a few cross the pond collaborations, including Frog’s Hop From Amager, U.S. Meets Europe S.I.P.A., and Natasha Rocks America.  This imperial wheat ale was brewed at Amager Bryghus in Denmark. Imported into the U.S. by Shelton Brothers.

One day in May 2012, Amager Bryghus had a visit from one of America’s most charismatic brewers: Fred Korn from the brewery Hoppin ‘Frog in Akron, Ohio. Fred was on tour in Europe and came by to guest brew with us. The result of this pleasant and rewarding day of great American company, is the bottle you hold. “Frog Hops To Amager is a somewhat rare type, namely an Imperial Wheat Stout brewed with eight different malts, two of which are wheat And then it would not do for us if it was not hopped strongly so we have given the beer a solid game of Tomahawk and Chinook. You will find an intense and aromatic hopping beer, which is perhaps a little softer and not so heavy as other Imperial Stouty Hope you can enjoy the results of this transatlantic cooperation! 

Style: Imperial Wheat Ale
Availability: 16.9oz Bottles
Arrival: TBA

8% ABV