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Seattle, Washington

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Redhook & Hilliard’s Celebrate Weed

Redhook Joint Effort Tap

Redhook Brewery has just announced a new beer celebrating the legalization of marijuana in Washington State.  The hemp beer brewed in collaboration with Seattle’s Hilliard’s Beer, aptly named “Joint Effort.” Hilliard’s Beer opened in 2011 in the same area where Redhook got their start in 1981.

So… onto this “legal” beer. Joint Effort is a session ale brewed with hemp seeds, and aggressively dry hopped. The says Effort is “the perfect brew for hanging with your buds, grabbing some munchies and enjoying a beer. Look for draft starting in mid-July, and bottles starting in October, 2013. To our knowledge, the tap handle seen above is not a working bong.

Style:              (w/ Hemp Seeds)
Hops: Zeus, Cascade, Summit
Availability: Draft (July), Bottles (October)

5.6% ABV

* Initiative 502, passed by voters in November 2012, legalized possession and use of moderate amounts of marijuana in Washington State.