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Half Acre Forced to Change IPA Name Yet Again

Half Acre GoneAway IPA

Back in January, Half Acre changed the name of Heyoka India Pale Ale to Senita India Pale Ale. The change came after members of the Lakota (Native Americans from the Great Plans of the United States) reached out to Half Acre about the use of the term.

Well guess what. Half Acre is forced to change the name again, after another brewery raised concerns that Senita India Pale Ale might be too close in branding to another beer. That named got Half Acre a Cease & Desist letter.

Now, fans will know this storied IPA as Half Acre GoneAway IPA. Hopefully this beer doesn’t warrant another C&D letter.

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Half Acre Callow Knife Pale Ale Returns April 17th

Half Acre Callow Knife Pale Ale

Half Acre Callow Knife Pale Ale returns to the brewery’s tap room on April 17th.

A third spin of the Sprawler wheel courses Callow Knife Pale Ale your way. Juiced and dripping with a malt bill set to lounge – for when you’d rather take the inner tube than the kayak.

Half Acre Callow Knife Pale Ale will be available at noon in 22oz bottles, and draft.

Style: Pale Ale
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft.
Return: 4/17/15

5% ABV

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Half Acre Space IPA Bottled for 1st Time

Half Acre Space IPA

Half Acre Space IPA joins the brewery’s lineup on March 27th. The recently draft-only beer is getting a temporary upgrade to 22oz bottles.

Half Acre Space IPA is citra hop forward IPA, brewed for a brewery friend that is no longer with us.

We brew this beer in honor of a Half Acre friend that passed.  Space was his nickname as a blazing young man. In his older years, he found himself teamed up with two Siberian Huskies.  Not a family man, he hung with his Huskies, Moon and Luna, as equals.  He’d usually come to our brewery after lunch time, Moon and Luna in his jeep, chew the fat for a while and pick up some beer.  He’d take off to grab tacos or Pizza for all three of them and then they’d head home for an easy night…

Half Acre Space IPA will be available in 22oz bottles starting March 27th, $8.99.

Style: IPA
Hops: Citra
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft

Release: 3/27/15

7% ABV

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New Belgium Oatmeal IPA, a Half Acre Collaboration

New Belgium Oatmeal IPA

New Belgium Oatmeal IPA joins the brewery’s Hop Kitchen Series, a collaboration with Chicago’s Half Acre Beer Company.

The idea to create Oatmeal IPA started about four years ago when New Belgium’s brewmaster Peter Bouckaert visited Half Acre. This collab actually turned out to be two beers, the first dating back to 2013 with Avoine IPA.

Avione (which means “oats”) was an “oat-spiked” IPA that was only available in Chicago on draft. Those who have had it, consider that a teaser beer for what Oatmeal IPA has become.

This 2015 release is honey-hued with a velvety mouthfeel that offers brilliant pine, grass and guava courtesy of Citra and Centennial dry-hopping. Oatmeal IPA is ultra-tropical and appears softer than the traditional IPA, but be warned – lurking beneath the smooth oats and toasted malts, are vibrant hops with a bitter bite.

New Belgium Oatmeal IPA is a wider release, but draft only.

Style: IPA
Hops: Citra, Centennial
Malts: Oatmeal, ???

Availability: Draft only

6% ABV, 60 IBUs

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Half Acre Get Right Kolsch, New Bomber Series

Half Acre Get Right Kolsch

Half Acre Beer Company (Chicago, IL) is in the process of transitioning to their new production facility nearby. A milestone for Half Acre, but unfortunately presents a few legal issues.

Half Acre cans and kegs have been sold at the current Lincoln Avenue location for years. Illinois law states that the beer has to be sold at the same located that it was brewed and packaged. Now the beer is being produced at a different location, Half Acre is suspending can and keg sales at Lincoln Avenue. The brewery states they are working with lawmakers to amend this law in the coming months.

So as not to leave the brewery fans empty handed, the brewery will being offering a series of on-off bombers, available in small supply, only at Lincoln Avenue.

A classic German style caught somewhere between a lager and an ale. This one features some awesome new German hops varieties, Saphir and Melon. Crisp, clean and ready for refreshing on a get ripe kind of day.

First up in the new bomber series is Half Acre Get Right Kolsch, a beer from Half Acre’s archive. More 22oz bottles will be announced in the near future.

Style: Kolsch
Availability: 22oz Bottles. Brewery only
Release: Mid-March, 2015

4.7% ABV 

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Half Acre Lead Feather Joins Year Round Lineup in March

Half Acre Lead Feather

Half Acre Beer (Chicago, IL) will introduce a new can in March, Lead Feather Black Ale.  The 16oz can offering will join the brewery’s year round lineup.

We can all sit on sun drenched patios and freely spill speed beer down our throats till paid transportation takes us home. You want to squirrel away a couple x-tra pales and head to yoga?  No problem, Namaste.

But, there are times when fleshy black beer is the only thing that offers the necessary weight. Visiting your uncle’s machine shop to thread some pipe before hitting a dirt track sprint car race….?  You might want to digest some Lead Feather Black Ale.

Half Acre Lead Feather will be available in March, 2015. Already available in the tap room.

Style: Black IPA
Availability: 16oz Cans. Year-round.
Release: March, 2015

6% ABV

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Half Acre’s Navaja Returns Today

Half Acre Navaja

Half Acre Brewing  Navaja, a double IPA goes on sale today again at the brewery. The imperial IPA made a bottle debut in January, 2014.

Navaja circles back like a white shark with one of your legs in his mouth.  Big weight and groping, exotic hop fingers twist on you. Delicate quit the team and it’s all dog piles. Let it take you.

The beer’s base is Golden Promise malt (the brewery calls it nature’s almond butter.) Finished with a healthy does of hops, and this imperial IPA is complete.

Half Acre Navaja is available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Style: Imperial IPA
Hops: Mosaic, Columbus, Hallertau Blanc

Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft
Release: 1/16/15

9.5% ABV

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