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Beer Street Journal Video: Terrapin & Green Flash Create Tangerine Dreamsicle

The collaboration got started with Green Flash Brewing (San Diego, CA) wanting to brew a beer called Road Warrior, to honor their employees that always travel. One hiccup, Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, GA already had dibs on the name.

Green Flash made more than one financial offer for “Road Warrior.” Terrapin decided to allow Green Flash to use the name, under one condition. You’ll find out in the above Beer Street Journal video.

Green Flash’s brewmaster Chuck Silva joins Terrapin brewmaster and co-founder “Spike” Buckowski to create a different spin on an ipa. Tangerine Dreamsicle is brewed with Azacca hops (pretty new breed), and tangerine peel, along with lactose (milk sugar) to turn this beer into an orange creamsicle.

Available in Terrapin’s 12 distribution states in 22oz bombers and draft for a limited time.

Style: IPA (w/ Tangerine Peel, Lactose)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft


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Terrapin & Green Flash Creating Tangerine Dreamcicle

East coast meets west coast in this soon to memorable collaboration. Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, GA) and Green Flash (San Diego, CA) have already brewed together in California, and the left coasters will find their way to Athens, Georgia next week to create Tangerine Dreamcicle.

Tangerine Dreamcicle is a tangerine cream IPA. Got your attention? Good. Beer Street Journal will be filming the brew day next week.

Style: iPA (w/ Tangerines)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft.
Arrival: May, 2014 (Tentative)

6.5% ABV 

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Green Flash’s Green Bullet Goes Big

Green Flash Brewing’s 9th Anniversary beer is now all of the brewery’s national markets. Green Bullet, subtitled a “triple ipa” has been bottled for the first time ever, arriving in 12oz bottles, 22oz bottles and draft.

Named for the New Zealand hop “Green Bullet” that graces this brew.

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: 12oz, 22oz Bottles. Draft. Sept-Dec.

10.1% ABV


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Hop Odyssey Imperial Red Rye Ready to Debut

The second beer in Green Flash’s Hop Odyssey series is ready to go. Imperial Red Rye IPA is described as “big, bold and super hoppy, packed with flavor” featuring columbus hops and those new mosaic hops that keep popping up everywhere. This beer is tasting room only and will be available Tuesday April 9th from 3-9pm.

Style: Imperial Red Rye IPA
Availability: Draft Only
Arrival: April 2013

8.5% ABV 

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Green Flash Barrel Beer Bath [VIDEO]

Meet Nate from Green Flash. He’s filling barrels with Silva Stout which will relax in there for 18 months and then be released in 2014. Don’t forget that beer is naturally a great skin and hair care product.

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Green Flash To Build in Virginia Beach

Remember when we said Green Flash Brewing was looking for an east coast spot? They have announced they will build in Virginia Beach, VA.  The 9 acre site will house a 58,000 square foot facility. From GF:

Key Brewery Features: Closely replicates San Diego Brewery: same state-of-the-art equipment and brewery footprint, onsite lab for beer analysis, brewery tours, tasting room and vast outdoor beer garden, space for private events and educational experiences, offices for staff and ample parking for guests

Brewing Capacity: 100,000 BBLS
Expected New Hires in Virginia: 40+ upon opening
Groundstaking Date: March 14, 2013
Groundbreaking Date: Late 2013 TBA

Expected Opening: 2015 TBD

Invested Capital: $20 Million