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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

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Grayton Redneck Rye-viera Returns. New hop bill

Grayton Beer Company’s Redneck Rye-viera, had made a limited return. This year’s edition features 200 pounds of fresh whole leaf Nugget and Glacier hops and an additional 276 pounds of pelletized hops from Empire Hop Farms in Empire, Michigan.

“We’re excited to bring back Redneck Rye-viera in 2015,” says Brewer Tyler White. “The opportunity to showcase fresh hops is one that we highly anticipate every year.  The flavor and aroma compounds that we experience from these extraordinary flowers, fresh from the field, are inspiring to us as brewers and allow us to make the unique and complex drinking experience that is Redneck Rye-viera.”

Grayton Redneck Rye-viera is available in 12 ounce bottles and draft for a limited time. The beer is also a part of Grayton’s Artist Series, where a portion of the proceeds will go toward art-based initiatives and charities in the Panhandle.

Style: Imperial IPA
12oz bottles, Draft. Seasonal release.
Return: November, 2015

8.1% ABV


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Grayton Handful of Thorns Arrives for Summer

Grayton Handful of Thorns

Grayton Beer Company’s Handful of Thorns has just been released, as of June 27th. The beer is a session IPA, inspired by Neil Young’s “Love is a Rose.”

The simple and subtle dry malt bill with low sweetness builds an ideal stage on which to spotlight a unique floral hop profile and all of the complexities that fresh rose petals offer. The end result is an incredibly refreshing ale with earthy and herbal notes and a bright floral aroma.

Grayton Handful of Thorns is available in 12oz bottles and draft all summer.

Style: IPA
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft
Release: 6/27/15

?? ABV

The artwork used on the Handful of Thorns label was created by Bryan Hand, a Northwest Florida artist specializing in colorful, realistic acrylic paintings.