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Evolution Jacques Au Lantern

Evolution Jacques Au Lantern2012 Label.

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Evolution Brewing Says Bittersweet Goodbye

Evolution Craft Brewing Company has called Delmar, DE home since day one, but they are saying goodbye.  They have operated out of a renovated grocery store in town since the brewery started in 2009.  However, Evolution has outgrown that facility and there is not another place in town big enough so they are relocating to an old Reddy Ice factory in Salisbury, MD.

Delmar is sad to see them go as Evolution Brewing brought tourists to the town from all over.  They are hoping that perhaps another microbrewery will move into the space.  Salisbury is looking forward to the same benefits coming to their town.

The new brewery will feature photographs of the original Delmar facility where Evolution Craft Brewing Company got their start.

[Evolution Craft Brewing Company]

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Evolution Brewing Moving To Maryland

Evolution Brewing will soon be making the move from Delmar, Delaware to Salisbury, Maryland.  The brewer has maxed out its current location.

Real estate and government funds have attacted Tom Knorr and company to Maryland.  Evolution has purchased a 40,000 square foot old ice plant for the new brewery.  Current production should hit 4,500 barrels (139,500 gals) this year.  After the move, Evolution will have the capacity to do around 8,000 barrels (248,000 gals.)   The facility has the space potential for a 50,000 barrel a year facility.  Room to grow!

The Maryland Economic Development Assistance has granted funds to help with the move.  Construction has already begun.  The site will be completed in February, 2012.

Evolution Brewing will help bring Marylands craft brewery count to 20.  With more on the way.  [BaltimoreSun]

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Evolution Bringing Back Bourbon Strong Ale This Winter

Evolution Brewing’s (Del Mar, DE) Barrel Aged Series is called the “Migration Series” released once a season.  Each “Migration” is a different style with different aging.

Winter 2011 Migration looks to echo last season’s release – a dark ale aged  8 months in bourbon barrels.

Previous Migrations: Winter ’10 Bourbon Barrel Dark Ale, Spring ’11 Golden Ale in Rum, and Fall ’11 a Belgian ale in chardonnay barrels

Availability: 750ml bottles. Limited release
Arrival: Released – Week of 12/12/11

10.5% ABV

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Evolution’s Fall Migration 2011

Evolution Brewing’s (Del Mar, DE) Barrel Aged Series is called the “Migration Series” released once a season.  Each “Migration” is a different style with different aging.

Fall 2011 Migration will be Belgian Style Ale aged in Chardonnay barrels with brettanomyces (wild yeast).  Previous Migrations: Winter ’10 Bourbon Barrel Dark Ale, Spring ’11 Golden Ale in Rum.

Availability: 750ml bottles. 1 time release.

7.2% ABV

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Evolution Preps For Irene

Evolution Brewing is situated at the very bottom of Delaware, called DelMar.  With Irene bearing down on the state, Evolution has taped up the windows and hopes for the best.  Just a bit north of Evolution is Dogfish Head who is also currently boarded up.   The tasting room has closed down for the weekend, and will be open again on Wednesday.  Irene better appreciate the free beer.