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Posted in Dock Street Brewery, New Beers
Posted in Dock Street Brewery, Press Releases

Dock Street & Brasserie Thirez Collab (PR)

(Philadelphia, PA) — Dock Street and Brasserie Thiriez have teamed up to develop a special, limited edition Saison. Brewers Scott Morrison and Daniel Thiriez brewed the beer at Dock Street at the end of June- marking it the first brewing collaboration between a US and French brewery on American soil.

Daniel Thiriez, owner and brewer at Brasserie Thiriez in Esquelbec, France, is known in the industry for his Saison and Biere de Garde styles. Dock Street Brewer Scott Morrison, also known for his own Saison style, worked with Daniel to combine their signature approaches to develop La Biere des Amis — ‘the beer of friends.’

Sharing a similar brewing philosophy, Thiriez and Morrison created a beer that equally defines their personalities. “Daniel makes some of my favorite beer in the world, and I always thought it’d be awesome to do a collaboration. Dock Street was very open to the idea and Daniel was excited to brew here. It all just fell into place,” said Scott Morrison. La Biere des Amis is a full flavored beer that is made with German pilsner and wheat malts. It exhibits a clean, hop character and refined bitterness from Mt. Hood and Nugget hops.

La Biere des Amis (4.5% ABV) is a very limited release, available on draft at Dock Street and select bars and restaurants beginning in September. A small number of naturally carbonated 750ml bottles go on sale at Dock Street Brewery starting Saturday, September 15th at noon.

About Brasserie Thiriez: In the heart of French Flanders, located in an old farmhouse brewery a few kilometres from the Belgian border, the brewery Thiriez was founded in 1996. Since then, Daniel Thiriez has been passionately brewing top quality beers in the charming village of Esquelbecq. Signature beers include Thiriez XXtra, Thiriez Blonde and La Nocturne.

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Dock Street Releasing Big Bottles (PR)

(Philadelphia, PA) — Dock Street Brewery releases a vast selection of limited, hand-bottled, naturally carbonated beers in 750ml format. On Sunday May 6th, we open our doors from noon to 4pm for bottle sales (first come first serve), live music, pizza by the slice and a special selection of beers on tap.

If you came out for our 4th Anniversary Celebration back in August you were lucky enough to get a VIP taste of one of these releases: Dock Street Flemish Red Sour Ale. Funky, interesting and pleasing to the senses, this one is very special. In addition, during the past months, we brewed several exceptional one-off beers including a series of Abbey-style ales. The beers range in color, flavor, intensity and aroma. Some are tangy, some malty, some hoppy, some spicy. All are complex and never boring. We set aside about 12 cases of each beer, stored them in our cellars and let the yeast effervesce to allow the beers to assert their character. Take home a bottle or two or four for you and friends to enjoy! Supplies are limited and we’ll do this but once or twice a year. Live local music starts at noon!

Limited Bottles on Sale:
Flemish Red Sour Ale Aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels 6.5% ABV $19
Dude de Garde Biere de Garde 6.75% ABV $12
Belgian Black IPA Brewed with rye grain 8% ABV $13
Super Saison Belgian Farmhouse Ale 9% ABV $15
ABT 6 Abbey-Style Single 5% ABV $10
ABT 8 Abbey-Style Dubbel 7.5% ABV $13
ABT 10 Abbey-Style Tripel 7.5% ABV $13
ABT 12 Abbey-Style Quad 9.5% ABV $15

Limited Beers On Tap Throughout the Day:
Entire Abbey Series- single, dubbel, tripel, quad
Flemish Red Sour Ale
Old Ale Aged in Chardonnay Barrels
Caliente Golden Ale brewed with Agave Nectar and Chiles (our most recent Four Seasons Collaboration)