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Fort Collins, Colorado

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Count Chocula Beer Set to Return

Black Bottle Brewery will re-release their Count Chocula beer again, in time for the Great American Beer Festival.

The base beer is a milk stout, that is steeped in more that 40 pounds of the seasonal cereal, in a process similar to dry-hopping.

You’ll find this beer by the name of Black Bottle Cerealiously, which has also has featured Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In 2014, the brewery drove all over their Fort Collins, Colorado hometown and bought up all the Count Chocula. The shortage made local news.

This year, General Mills sent the brewery their own allocation of The Count, so Fort Collins won’t go without. Interestingly enough, this isn’t General Mills only cereal beer. This month they divulged they have partnered with Fulton Beer on Hefewheaties, a hefeweizen.

Black Bottle Cerealiously is a 22 ounce bottle offering that you’ll only find local to Fort Collins.

Style: Milk Stout (w/ Lactose. Count Chocula Cereal)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft. Limited:
Return: September, 2015

?? ABV

Black Bottle Cerealiously