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Braves New Stadium boasts a brewpub. It’s not what we thought.

Suntrust Park Brewpub

Back in December, the Atlanta Braves mentioned on their Facebook page that their new stadium, Suntrust Park will house a brewpub. You had our attention.

Today, announcements about retail and food were made at the future site of Atlanta’s worst traffic jam 82 times a year, revealing their version of a brewpub is a bar featuring Fox Bros. BBQ, and MillerCoors (Anheuser Busch InBev) products.

The MillerCoors brewpub aka MillerCoors bar, aka The Tomahawk Taproom will apparently be open 365 days a year, not just on game days.

The new chophouse will feature Coors Light and Coors products.

brewpub |ˈbro͞oˌpəbnoun, chiefly US 

an establishment selling beer brewed on the premises and often including a restaurant.