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The Walking Dead Craft Beer Mega Gallery [PICS]

Tonight’s Season Four premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead featured a fight scene full of craft beer. ¬†SweetWater Brewing, Terrapin Beer Co and Jailhouse Brewing had cameos. You also see Decatur’s Ale Yeah! banner in a scene. (Slightly obscured by the Jailhouse sign.)

This hit show is filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia. The Walking Dead’s set designers often reach out to local brewers asking for beer, signage and boxes to be used as props for filming.

Over the summer, Glen Golden of Jailhouse Brewing in Hampton, Georgia mentioned the show took bottles and signs to use in the upcoming season. Until tonight’s premiere, Glen wasn’t sure if they made it in any of the shots.

You could argue the walkers were just dropping in for the local brews, and not the healthy folks. Just a thought.


  • Animal

    I hope no beer was damaged in the making of this show. LOL!!

    • Krotch ScroteGuzzle

      looks like a lot of beer was ;(

  • pants

    Spoiler Alert: People stopped drinking after the zombie apocalypse…

    • Krotch ScroteGuzzle

      figure that would be the time to start drinking

  • Krotch ScroteGuzzle

    Tragedy seeing those cases of Sweetwater IPA and Terrapin Rye getting smashed. ;(

    • lol

      Sweetwater only makes mediocore beers. And most are hop-forward beers.

  • I think about beer

    I got thinking about it. It’s been at least 2-3 years since the beginning of the series (story timeline wise). That beer is all DEAD. It’s been sitting in the Georgia heat for that long? It’s got less life than the zombies. Which makes it all the more sad. So much good beer ruined. Now isn’t that the real tragedy of the Zombie Apocalypse?

  • Caleb Campbell

    Hello, my name is Caleb, I’m a zombie and I drink beer.