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Ecliptic & Gigantic Brewing team up on “Star Destroyer”

Ecliptic Gigantic Star Destroyer

Ecliptic Star Destroyer, a collaboration with Gigantic Brewing debuts March 1st.

Part of Ecliptic’s Cosmic Collaboration Series, this release is titled a “Imperial Darkside Lager”, or schwarzbier if you want to get technical. In keeping with Ecliptic’s space tendencies, the beer was ultimately called ‘Star Destroyer‘.

‘In 2016 I approached Van Havig of Gigantic about a collaboration for 2017. He agreed only if we called the beer Star Destroyer? Brewing with the boys from Gigantic is always a good time!’ – John Harris, Ecliptic Brewmaster

Ecliptic Star Destroyer will be available in 22 ounce bottles and draft starting March 1st.

Style: Schwarzbier
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft. One-off release.
Debut: 3/1/17

8% ABV

Feel the power of the darkside. Bah, Bah, Bah-Bum, Ba, Bum-Bum, Da, Bum. This beer is fully operational. Prepare the attack.

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With a cherry on top. Full Sail Session Black Cherry Black debuts

Full Sail Session Black Cherry Black

Full Sail Session has iconic status in our book. The stubby bottled lager has a beer identity all its own. This winter it is joined by fruitier option –  Full Sail Session Black Cherry Black.

A few years ago, the Hood River, Oregon brewery added Session Black to the lineup. The year-round black lager is known for its roasty chocolate flavors. Starting this month, you can throw cherries into the mix.

Full Sail Session Black Cherry Black uses Session Black as the base beer, plus a dash of dark cherry flavor. The result is what the brewery describes as a cherry cordial.

This new Session is Session Black with a cherry on top – actually, it’s more like a cherry cordial without the brandy. The aroma and flavor of cherry complements the smooth chocolate character of this dark lager.” – Full Sail Brewmaster Jim Kelter

Full Sail Session Black Cherry Black is available in 12 ounce bottles in the Session Series 12 Pack, and Session Mashup Variety Pack through April, 2017.

Style: Black Lager (w/ Black Cherries)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Jan-April
Debut: January, 2017

5.4% ABV

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Mikkeller Metal Henry

Mikkeller Metal Henry

Mikkeller Metal Henry

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Leinenkugel Big Eddy Cherry Doppleschwarz, a Barrel Aged Release

Leinenkugel Big Eddy Cherry Doppleschwarz

Leinenkugel Big Eddy Cherry Doppleschwarz takes aim at the brewery’s Big Eddy Series in the near future. This release marks a departure from the current releases.

Back in 2011, Beer Street Journal met with John Leinenkugel about their newest project that would become the Big Eddy Series. At the time, the brewery had been experimenting with a barrel aging program. We even tried some test batches of the would-be releases. Leinenkugel was hopeful that barrel aged offerings would join the lineup in about two years, after sourcing barrels, and aging the beers.

Now, close to four years later, Leinenkugel Big Eddy Cherry Doppleschwarz takes aim at the Big Eddy Series in 22oz bottles. This black lager (Schwarzbier), is aged in brandy barrels is Door County, Wisconsin cherries.

The brewery has not yet announced this offering.

Style: Schwarzbier (w/ Cherries. Barrel Aged. Brandy.)
Availability: 22oz Bottles
Release: TBA

?? ABV

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Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt Launching in Cans

Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt Black Lager

Great Raft Brewing (Shreveport, LA) will launch a new can – Reasonably Corrupt, in November. This will be the third year round can offering.

Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt is a black lager, an offering the brewery never expected to give the 365 treatment. A sleeper hit, if you will.

“We never anticipated canning Reasonably Corrupt as a year-round offering, but our fan base has been loud and clear,” said Andrew Nations, co-founder and president of Great Raft Brewing.

While Resonably Corrupt has already been available on draft, six pack cans hit retailers just after Halloween. The brewery commissioned Status Serigraph of Knoxville, Tennessee with typography from DeRouen & Co. of Austin, Texas.

The name? A jab a Louisiana politics.

Style: Schwarzbier
Hops: Fuggle, Hallertau
Malts: Premium Pilsen, Chocolate, Caramel, Munich

Availability: Draft (Current) Cans (November, 2014)

5.5% ABV, 30 IBUS

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Soon There Will Be 4 Beers From theCHIVE

The founders of the website The Chive will soon have four beers in their repertoire.

Joining KCCO Black Lager will be a wheat offering. A little while back, Beer Street Journal had a few beers with John, co-founder of The Chive. His intention then was to start contract brewing his recipes, and eventually build a brewery.

KCCO’s beers are brewed at Redhook under the name Resignation Brewery.

Soon there will be four beers in the lineup:

KCCO Black Lager – 5.1% ABV (1st Release)

KCCO Gold Lager – 5.1% ABV (2nd Release)

KCCO White White – 5% ABV (Coming Soon)

KCCO Amber Ale – 5% ABV (Coming Soon)

All four offerings will be available in 12oz/6 packs and draft. Gratuitous breast photos not included.