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Terrapin Liquid Lunch Peanut Butter Jelly Porter, Side Project #25

Terrapin Liquid Lunch

Terrapin Liquid Lunch Peanut Butter Jelly Porter is the brewery’s Side Project #25. The Athens, Georgia based brewery shipped this new offering this week.

Taking a page from another peanut butter offering, Liquid Bliss, the brewing team has made your favorite lunch as a kid, boozy. We are assuming the crusts are cut off. We’re talking raspberries here people.

Cut off the crust and unwrap the flavor of this fruit centric beer. Hand crafted using real raspberries, “Liquid Lunch”  Peanut Butter Jelly Porter combines all the elements of a familiar lunch time snack.

Terrapin Liquid Lunch is now available in 22oz bottles.

Style: Porter (w/ Peanut Butter, Cocoa Nibs, Raspberries.)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: 6/11/15 (Shipped)

7.7% ABV

Terrapin Liquid Lunch

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Terrapin Liquid Bliss Arrives in June

Terrapin Beer Company’s (Athens, GA) Side Project #18 is a few weeks away from returning year round as Liquid Bliss. That’s right, a chocolate peanut butter porter year round.

The cocoa nibs are the same found in Moo-Hoo from Olive & Sinclair in Nashville, Tennessee. Combine that with peanut butter powder, and dessert is served. A powdered from of peanut butter is used because fats and oils from regular peanut butter would make the beer oily, and flat when you pour it.

Terrapin Liquid Bliss hits shelves in June. Don’t freak out. It will be around indefinitely.

Style: Porter (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Peanut Butter)
Hops: US Golding
Malts: 2-Row Pale, Wheat, Crystal 86, Crystal 120, Chocolate, Chocolate Wheat, Black

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Year Round. Entire Terrapin Distribution.
Arrival: June, 2014

6% ABV

Update 5/16 – Bottled by Terrapin. Almost ready…

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Karl Strauss Re-releases Peanut Butter Cup Porter

It has become an instant hit already. Karl Strauss’ Peanut Butter Cup Porter was first released in 2012 and 80 kegs were killed in 5 days. With more on the way, Karl is bringing a 40 barrel batch to Los Angeles Beer Week this year. That’s 80 more to last the week.

The beer is brewed with chocolate and caramel malts with some peanut powder. Cocoa nibs are added for extra chocolate flavor. The final product is roasty porter flavor with a smooth chocolate and peanut butter finish.

The brewery plans on bottling this in the future. (The next whale for sure.)

Style: Porter (w/ Peanut Powder, Chocolate)
Availability: Draft only. Fairly limited

5.6% ABV, 30 IBUs 


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