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Anheuser-Busch releases Bud Light Apple, in one state only

Bud Light Apple

Anheuser-Busch has joined the “apple train” with the addition of Bud Light Apple. A-B InBev’s biggest competition MillerCoors has found great success with the addition of Redd’s Apple Ale. So much so, that the brand extension has added Strawberry, Sweet Tea, and Cranberry editions.

You’ll recall this isn’t the first time that Anheuser-Busch has released a spin on their most popular brand Bud Light. Specifically, the Bud Light “Rita” Series, with Lemon-Ade-Rita, Mang-O-Rita, Lime-A-Rita just to name a few.

The Rita Series was such a popular addition for A-B that it prompted Dos Equis to release Dos-A-Rita.

Anheuser-Busch has launched this new beer, in the state of Georgia only as a limited release. Interestingly, since the first mention of this beer appeared on Beer Street Journal, the brewery agreed to acquisition terms with SABMiller. If that deal goes through, the mega-brewery would own both Redd’s Apple Ale, and Bud Light Apple.

Let’s not forget the Anheuser-Busch marketing team’s strike against peach pumpkin ales, and this summer’s shot at watermelon wheat beers. I guess the Anheuser-Busch market research has proven that people cheer when you bring apples to the party. Just ask MillerCoors.

Style: Light Lager (w/ Apple)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, 16oz Aluminum Bottles, Draft.
Release: November, 2015

4.2% ABV

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Houndstooth Uproar Apple Ale

Houndstooth Uproar Apple Ale

Houndstooth Uproar Apple Ale

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Another Addition to the Redd’s Lineup

Redd’s – a fruit infused lineup by Miller Coors is getting another addition – Redd’s Cranberry Ale.

By our estimates, Redd’s Cranberry Ale would be the fourth offering, after Apple Ale, Apple Ale Iced Tea, and Apple Ale Strawberry. (Yeah, all of that was a mouthful.)

Redd’s Apple Ale lineup is beer infused with fruit flavors (and caramel coloring) and is NOT gluten free.

While Redd’s is packaged in 12oz bottles, and 12/16oz cans, only the original Apple Ale is available in cans.

There’s your Redd’s rundown….

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Flying Dog’s Orchard Ale: October

Flying Dog Orchard Ale

Flying Dog Brewery (Fredericksburg, MD) has a new Brewhouse Rarities offering in October – Orchard Ale. The beer is brewed with pressed apple juice. A perfect compliment to fall, and the fall harvest.

Very select few of the Flying Dog Rarities offerings come in bottles. Orchard Ale will be offered in limited draft only quantities in the tap room and across the Mid-Atlantic.

Style:   (w/ Apple Juice)
Availability: Draft Only
Arrival: October, 2013

8.3% ABV

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More Redd’s Apple Flavors: Iced Tea

Redd's Apple Ale Iced Tea

Redd’s started off with Apple Ale. A fruit beer (brewed with apples) that went national late in 2012. The confusing brand is expanding their lineup with Strawberry Apple Ale, and now Apple Ale Iced Tea. By the looks of it, Redd’s it banking on the success of flavored variations.

Early numbers show the success of the Apple Ale, even though it has been confused as a cider, and gluten-free. Redd’s is brewed in Albany, Georgia.