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Shock Top Blends Cider Into Honey Crisp Apple Wheat

Shock Top Honey Crisp Apple Wheat

Shock Top looks to increase it’s brand lineup with Honeycrisp Apple Wheat. This creation looks to be fusion of two styles – cider and witbier. Honeycrisp is brewed with cider & spices. Recently, another cider/beer fusion beer debuted by Dogfish Head  Positive Contact. Shock Top has just released End Of The World Midnight Wheat beer with chilis.

Belgian Style wheat ale brewed with cider and spices with natural honey crisp apple flavor and other natural flavors.

Style: Wheat Beer (w/ Cider, Apples) Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: TBA

5.2% ABV 


  • ChristaToTheMax

    It really doesn’t taste like a beer at all. It tastes exactly as the name and ingredients suggest. Fairly sweet, but not to the point of having a bite. Nice all around, even the aftertaste is smooth!

  • Prince of Beers

    Shock Top made another drinkable beer here and worth a try if you are looking for something sweet and crisp. After drinking my first thought was “this would be interesting if made as a sour”. Cheers!

  • Kiddbilly75

    This is probably hands down my fav ShockTop brewskee, very crisp & with no after taste! Salud

  • PeteRoc68

    This stuff is messed up. Tastes like fresh cider. Not really like alcohol cider. Dangerous…

    • PeteRoc68

      not complaining by the way…

  • Patrick

    Delicious! That being said it’s definitely more of a cider, with a slight hint of a light ale.

  • Kacie D

    Heaven in a bottle! Shock Top has earned my utmost respect. Midnight Ale wad surprisingly tasty too. This Cider Beer is truly now my favorite. I want it available year round!

    • Kacie D

      F! Can you tell I just drank some? ***was not wad….

  • Dapper Dave

    Made the mistake of purchasing and consuming this. God awful and I love Shocktop. End of the world is fine and so are the other. Overpowering sweetness.

  • Bianca

    Had this last night in a marghrita a jolly rancher they called it….was so good!

  • HarryWiggs

    I have never really liked ANY beer…till I tried thisstuff!!! Yummy!!!!!

  • kb583

    I’m in love with this beer. I’m a huge shocktop fan.. it’s actually the only beer I drink! This one us by far my favorite!