Seasonal Return

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Victory Hop Wallop & more returning for a limited time

Victory Hop Wallop Throwback

Victory Hop Wallop was put on hiatus back in 2013 in order to bring Dirtwolf IPA into the spotlight. For quite a few people, Hop Wallop was king. Over the next three months, Victory will bring back a couple of throwbacks from the retired lineup.

Victory Hop Wallop, an imperial IPA,in on tap now through November.

Additionally, Victory Yakima Valley hits taps in December, followed by Victory Ten Years Alt in January. Ten Years Alt marked a decade milestone for the Pennsylvania brewery, dopplesticke style beer.

“Introducing new brands is very exciting to us and we love the artistic process which is one of the greatest joys of my job,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski.  “On the flip side, the least favorite part of my job is choosing which established brand will have to pass the baton to make room for the new, young gun. I hope our fans will be as delighted as I am to see some of their cherished brands make a comeback and take a walk down memory lane through drinking some really great craft beer.”

Each of the brands limited engagements will be draft only.

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Grayton Redneck Rye-viera Returns. New hop bill

Grayton Redneck Rye 2015

Grayton Beer Company’s Redneck Rye-viera, had made a limited return. This year’s edition features 200 pounds of fresh whole leaf Nugget and Glacier hops and an additional 276 pounds of pelletized hops from Empire Hop Farms in Empire, Michigan.

“We’re excited to bring back Redneck Rye-viera in 2015,” says Brewer Tyler White. “The opportunity to showcase fresh hops is one that we highly anticipate every year.  The flavor and aroma compounds that we experience from these extraordinary flowers, fresh from the field, are inspiring to us as brewers and allow us to make the unique and complex drinking experience that is Redneck Rye-viera.”

Grayton Redneck Rye-viera is available in 12 ounce bottles and draft for a limited time. The beer is also a part of Grayton’s Artist Series, where a portion of the proceeds will go toward art-based initiatives and charities in the Panhandle.

Style: Imperial IPA
12oz bottles, Draft. Seasonal release.
Return: November, 2015

8.1% ABV


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New Belgium Accumulation White IPA returns

New Belgium Accumulation White IPA

New Belgium Accumulation White IPA returns to the the Fort Collins, Colorado based brewery’s lineup.

Designed for a light bodied beer for colder weather is New Belgium Accumulation White IPA. White IPAs are brewed with a large amount of wheat malt. Wheat softens the mouthfeel, making the beer smoother, creamier.

ACCUMULATION White IPA was inspired by the white beauty that falls each winter from our Colorado sky. Flurries of Mosaic and Amarillo hops bring soft fruit and citrus flavor, followed by a layer of bitter. Piled high in IBUS, Accumulation will make your winter brighter.

New Belgium Accumulation White IPA is available in 12 ounce bottles and draft, seasonally.

Style: White IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Return: November, 2015

6.2% ABV

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Perennial Abraxas bottle pick-up this week

Perennial Abraxas

Perennial Abraxas, the brewery’s highly sought after imperial stout brewed with chilies, vanilla beans and cinnamon, returns in November. Tickets for the release go on sale on October 15th, 2015 (9 AM CST).

Tickets are $70 dollars. Purchaser will receive 2 bottles of 2015 Perennial Abraxas, 1 bottle of Perennial Coffee Abraxas, and an Abraxas bottle bag.

An Imperial Stout brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks. Pouring deep brown with a thick head, this beer has a complex body with a delicious lingering roastiness. Abraxas is brewed with unique ingredients intended to challenge and excite the palate. It may be enjoyed right away or allowed to age in the bottle. Vertical tastings are encouraged. Perennial Artisan Ales is a small batch craft brewery dedicated to producing unique, premium beers. Our beers are brewed with the experimental, seasoned craft beer drinker in mind.

Those with tickets can pick up their bottle on the following days:

Tuesday, November 10th
Wednesday, November 11th
Thursday, November 12th
Friday, November 13th
Saturday, November 14th

Pick up dates and times are not transferable. Valid ID needed, NO PROXIES.

If you don’t have, or don’t want to do the ticket thing, you can fight off the beer hoards on November 14th for your own bottle.

Distribution will occur to all Perennial markets in mid-November.

Most important: TICKET LINK (Opens in new window)

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Chilies. Vanilla Beans. Cinnamon.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft (Limited)
Release: November 10th, 2015

10% ABV

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Rock Art Nawch Hoppa Double IPA finds cans again

Rock Art Nawch Hoppa Double IPA

Rock Art Nawch Hoppa Double IPA has recently returned to cans, under a slightly different name.

For those of you that have seen this beer once before, lets say the name is “close” to what it once was.

Rock Art Nawch Hoppa was most recently canned on the 3rd week of October, selling out fast. Limited distribution has followed.

This citrusy, IPA is can be found in Vermont in 16 ounces cans.

Style: IPA
Availability: 16oz Cans
Return: Late October, 2015

7.5% ABV

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Burial Bolo Coconut Brown cans return November, 9th

Burial Bolo Coconut Brown Cans

Burial Bolo Coconut Brown cans have returned to the brewery’s tap room as of today, November 9th. The Asheville, North Carolina’s brown ale breed with coconut has been a much sought after release this past summer.

Instead of the popular porter or stout choice as a style when brewing with coconut, Burial Bolo Coconut Brown‘s base is (as redundant as this writing is sounding), a brown ale.

The cleaver’s blade is strong enough and sharp enough to crack the toughest of coconuts. Easy drinking without lacking flavor, the addition of coconut is the perfect compliment to the subtle sweetness and nutty undertones present from the specialty malts.

Burial Bolo Coconut Brown is a 16 ounce can offering. On sale in the tap room today, with limited North Carolina distribution coming this week.

Style: Brown Ale (w/ Coconut)
Availability: 16oz Cans
Return: 11/9/15

5.6% ABV, 30 IBUs

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Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti Imperial Stout makes an end of return

Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti Imperial Stout

Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti Imperial Stout is returning to shelves as you read this.

The 12% alcohol by volume imperial stout is aged in whiskey barrels for as least 12 months. The beer is sporting a new look this year as well.

This unique version of our monstrous Yeti Imperial Stout is aged for a least 12 months in whiskey barrels.  The spirited aging process produces a hugely complex but mellowed Yeti, with its signature roasted flavors, hints of vanilla and oak, and a whiskeyed finish.  Who says you can’t tame a beast?

Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti Imperial Stout is available in 750 milliliter bottles. Available in limited quantities in November, 2015.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged. Whiskey.)
Return: November, 2015

12% ABV