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Sam Adams Nitro Cans now shipping nationally

Boston Beer Company, makers of what you know as Samuel Adams beer, have officially launched their first nitrogenated beer can offerings, nationally.

First up in the series is Sam Adams Nitro White Ale. Brewed with Citra hops, plus Grains of Paradise, orange peel, and coriander, 5.5% ABV.

There are two more nitro cans to be released in the upcoming months. February will see the release of Sam Adams Nitro IPA, brewed with six different hops including Zeus, Polaris, Galaxy, Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe. 7.5% ABV

March release is Sam Adams Nitro Coffee Stout. Hopped with East Kent Goldings, the coffee laden beer finishes at 5.8% ABV.

All Samuel Adams Nitro Can offerings will be available in 16 ounce cans, 4 packs. Retail prices between $8.99 and $10.99.

Samuel Adams Nitro Can 4 Pack

13 thoughts on “Sam Adams Nitro Cans now shipping nationally

  1. A symphony of the worlds loudest crickets playing the intro to Enter Sandman for an entire set while backstage Gene Simmons cuts his tongue forcing it into a can of nitro white ale (decant that shit Gene!) to try and impress Miley Cyrus, all the while she is on shrooms searching for James Hetfield’s cock through the thicket of pubic hair. Stick to making tea and soda. It’s working.

  2. I wonder if they product test anything before investing millions into a project. The cans alone are enough cause confusion with their “brand”not to mention that they are the ugliest fucking can I have ever seen. I get they are trying to attack a niche market that is into “weird” styles and interesting flavor profiles, but for fucks sake Sam Adams the most estranged you can get is a fucking nitro white ale? I made the mistake of buying a 4 pack of the Raw double IPA over the weekend. Not only do they have no sense of reality in where the market is, the beer itself tells me that the whole company consists of a bunch of old men sitting around a board table, asking the interns what they drink. How do you make a double ipa…. more alcohol you dummies! The beer has no balance of flavor, not memorable, and the aroma is something that of rubbing alcohol. If I can ask Jim Koch one thing, can you please stop trying to compete with Heady Topper. You’re making your company look ignorant and unintelligent when it comes to crafting beer.

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