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Newcastle Drops A Bombshell In 2013

Newcastle will drop a bombshell on you in 2013. Newcastle Bombshell is a pale blonde should be a pleasing addition to those Newcastle loyalists.

An Englishman’s Englishman’s first love is his Brown Ale. However, in the summer he often fancies blondes instead! With this inspiration, we’ve created Newcastle Bombshell, an English style blonde ale.The combination of Cascade, Hallertau and Northdown hops balance this golden coloured ale’s light aroma and bitterness with toasted malt to ensure a silky smooth finish. After one sip of this brew, we’re sure you’ll agree she’s a real bombshell.

Style: Blonde Ale
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft

Arrival: 2013

4.4% ABV 

  • Ludo

    Newcastle blonde bombshell now being brewed at the Caledonian Brewery Edinburgh

  • Just drank a 6 pack of Bombshell last night with a good friend!

    This is a very tasty brew and a great buzz!

    Keep these new Newcastle varieties coming!

  • jus tried it, im a hardcore Newcastle fan…been drinkin muddy water for 13 years n was pretty xcited to find out they released a new 1…..initial taste was familiar newcaslte n then tasted somewhat like Amstel light….but it is a great beer n I recommend tryin it…..

  • Brian C Brown

    Just found it here in Kentucky….Will be a firm favourite already…After just a six pack..

    (I so miss the beers from back home!!!!) *****

  • pukus

    Finally got this in Utah. Really nice!