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New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA, an all new beer

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is headed to shelves the month.

If you are unfamiliar with New Belgium, the have a special name for their beer reps out in the field – Beer Rangers. You might recognize the monicker from New Belgium’s Ranger IPA.

Headed your way this month is New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA, a new double IPA. The beer boasts Mosaic, Calypso, Bravo, and Delta hops, creating what the brewery calls an “explosion of fresh cut pine and citrus.”

Let’s clear up any confusion going on out there. This beer is indeed new. New Belgium’s Bryan Simpson tells Beer Street Journal that this beer is indeed new. When the brewery released Rampant IPA a few years ago, the imperial IPA was brewed and designed for what the market wanted. Years later, IPA still dominates, but the consumers taste has changed.

Enter the new Voodoo Ranger Series.

New Belgium is evolving, just like the beer industry. Rampant and Ranger were and still are great, but drinkers tastes change. (Constantly.) The 100% employee-owned company doesn’t need a boardroom to discuss making a change. They just do it. This beer is the next evolution.

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA is available in 12 ounce bottles and draft.

Style: Imperial IPA
Hops: Mosaic, Delta, Bravo, Calypso

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: December, 2016

9% ABV

  • Jim

    I’m going to miss ranger

  • Jim

    You can change it doesn’t mean we will buy it

  • Will

    Tastes pretty similar to Rampant IMO. And higher ABV is always a plus.