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Highland Brewing teams up with Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Highland Half Yuszch Pilsner

Highland Half Yuszch Pilsner debuts this month, a collaboration with the band Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

S.O.B. (Son of Bitch) is the song that brought Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats to national fame, selling out shows wherever they travel. This year, the band is currently touring and promoting their newest album, Tearing at the Seams with the hit single “You Worry Me”.

A few years ago, Highland Brewing teamed up with AC Entertainment and Orange Peel Events in order to bring larger music acts to play at the brewery. That move has brought Nathaniel Rateliff to play at the Asheville, North Carolina brewery this month. Highland approached the beer-loving Night Sweats about collaborating on their own craft beer, and the band was more than happy mash in.

Highland Half Yüszch is a Czech-style pilsner, named in honor of the band’s yüszch (meaning usual) tradition of downing a beer and a shot (presumably pre or post-performance). The pilsner is brewed with traditional Saaz hops and Asheville’s soft mountain water. The brewery says the result is “crisp and crushable”.

Half Yüszch will be available at the brewery on May 10th, as well as Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats soldout show at the brewery on May 11th. $1 from each beer sold will support The Marigold Project, a foundation established by Nathaniel Rateliff to address issues of economic and social justice.

Style: Pilsner
Hops: Saaz
Malts: Weyerman Pilsner

Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft
Distribution: Brewery Only

Debut: Early May 2018

4.5% ABV

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New Realm Brewing wins bid on Green Flash Brewing’s Virginia equipment

Atlanta based New Realm Brewing ready to grow in their first six months of operation. The brewery has won the bidding for Green Flash assets of their east coast facility.


The 58,000 square foot facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia was built by San Diego based Green Flash Brewing. The facility was recently closed after Comerica Bank foreclosed on outstanding bank loans to Green Flash/Alpine Beer brands.

New Realm has confirmed the purchase of the brewhouse and is currently discussing potential ideas for the existing Green Flash lease on the taproom.

American Beer Works of which New Realm founder Carey Falcone has the lead role, also purchased a $5 million dollar tract of land in Charlotte, North Carolina last fall. Falcone told Beer Street Journal in February that this land is earmarked for a future New Realm build, but there are no immediate plans to expand to the city.

According to Bob Powers in a just-issued press release, New Realm’s current facility in Atlanta is already at capacity after just four months, and 60-barrel tank expansions.

     First This equipment acquisition is a unique opportunity to meet growing demand while continuing to focus on quality and consistency. This new equipment will allow our team to brew even more of the beer that we feel passionate about.”  Bob Powers, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder

In a phone call with Powers and Falcone, the duo reiterated their commitment Atlanta. “The city has truly embraced us, and we couldn’t be more grateful,” Falcone said. “We have no plans to distribute to any state we aren’t physically brewing in.

“This opportunity to buy this equipment was a deal we couldn’t pass up,” Powers elaborated. “The situation surrounding it is unfortunate, but considering our capacity issues already, we were going to have to make a move regardless,” he said.

Powers and Falcone have been planning to purchase another brewhouse, but that plan wasn’t so immediate until the Green Flash auction. The duo is still discussing what to do with the newly acquired equipment. The Virginia Beach facility was built for Green Flash, and subsequently leased to them. “There’s a lot of opportunity with that space” Falcone admits, “but we’re not sure we’re ready for that undertaking yet.”

New Realm started canning Euphonia Pilsner and Hoplandia IPA in March. Currently, the brewery only distributes to Atlanta and some surrounding cities.

It’s springtime in Atlanta, the demand for New Realm is extremely high, and all their tanks are full.

It’s going to be a great summer.

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Sony is suing Knee Deep Brewing over Breaking Bad inspired beer

Knee Deep Breaking Bud

Sony Pictures (SPT) is suing craft brewer Knee Deep Brewing over their Breaking Bad inspired beer.

America’s brewers are no strangers to Cease & Desist letters for everything from beer names to logos. (Anheuser Busch issued a truly unique C&D during the Super Bowl this year.) Most of the time the issue is resolved with a name or branding change.

In this case, Sony not only suing for trademark infringement but also seeks to collect damages from Knee Deep Brewing.

The case filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California outlines the “gratuitous” usage of the award winning show Breaking Bad as it relates to Knee Deep Brewing’s ‘Breaking Bud’ IPA. Sony Pictures holds trademarks for the “Br” and ‘Ba” periodic table styled logo for the Breaking Bad tv for use in motion pictures and television.

‘Breaking Bud’ IPA uses a similar styling on their cans and tap handles.

There is no legitimate need for Defendants to connect their beer with SPT’s BREAKING BAD show. The use of the BREAKING BUD name, the appropriation of the BREAKING BAD logo design and incorporation of other design features evocative of SPT’s show are entirely gratuitous and undertaken solely to  benefit from the enormous goodwill and immediate recognition of SPT’s famous BREAKING BAD marks and thereby avoid the difficult effort of creating Defendants’ own unique and recognizable brand image. Simply put, rather than investing the time, effort and resources necessary to establish their own reputation and identity, Defendants have instead opted to hijack the famous brand identity associated with SPT and its BREAKING BAD show for Defendants’ own intended benefit.

Additionally, Sony contends in the suit that the hoppy character on the beer’s label is wearing a hazmat suit in the desert, as well as the depiction of the RV are further attempts to capitalize on the popularity of the Breaking Bad tv show.

Simply put, rather than investing the time, effort and resources necessary to establish their own reputation and identity, Defendants have instead opted to hijack the famous brand identity associated with SPT and its BREAKING BAD show for Defendants’ own intended benefit.

Knee Deep Breaking Bud IPA release dates back to 2015. Sony asserts in the suit that they have contacted the brewery previously in attempts to stop their usage of Breaking Bad associated branding, without successful resolution.

Although SPT has sought to halt Knee Deep’s infringing conduct, Knee Deep has refused to cease using marks and indicia exclusively associated with SPT’s BREAKING BAD show.

The dollar amount in damages that Sony is seeking was not mentioned in the claim. At the time of the article, artwork and description of Knee Deep Breaking Bud was still live on the brewery’s website.

An email to Knee Deep Brewing was not immediately returned.

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Bud Light Orange quietly debuts nationally, a limited time offering

Bud Light Orange

Anheuser Busch has been quietly debuting a new citrus forward version of their best selling light beer, Bud Light. Move over Bud Light Lime, say hello to Bud Light Orange.

An obvious move to build off the success of Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Orange seeks to grab even more of the light beer market. The orange edition clocks in at the same 4.2% alcohol by volume, swapping fresh orange peel for the lime flavor.

Per Bud’s website- “Introducing an all-new flavor just in time for summer. Bud Light Orange, America’s Favorite light lager now brewed with real orange peels. You can taste the citrusy goodness, Available for a limited time only this summer!”

Bud Light Orange has been spotted in various bars and grocery stores across the united states in 12-ounce bottles and draft.

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Allagash is ready to release cans for the first time & they aren’t starting with White

Allagash Hoppy Table Beer Cans

Portland, Maine based Allagash Brewing will debut their first ever cans this spring, starting with 16-ounce cans of Hoppy Table Beer.

Why not Allagash White?

When the brewery opened in 1995, founder Rob Tod only had one beer – White. It’s become an icon in craft beer, especially in the 17 states you can find Allagash. The brewery can thank their very stringent quality standards for their success.

Carrying over those same high standards of quality and flavor, Allagash has acquired a small can line and soon will branch out into aluminum.

As much as fans most assuredly want to sip tallboys of the famed White, Allagash has chosen Hoppy Table Beer for the maiden can voyage. HTB debuted as a year-round release in January of 2017. The lower alcohol by volume release boasts Chinook, Cascade, Comet, and Azacca hops, plus the brewery’s famous house yeast. The beer literally pairs with everything.

Initially, Allagash’s cans will be limited to the brewery. At least for now. There is no doubt the intention is to ensure the cans live up the brewery’s high standards before expanding production.

A date for the can debut has not been set.

Image: Allagash Brewing Company

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Comerica Bank forecloses on Green Flash / Alpine, CEO exits

What seems like just weeks ago, Green Flash Brewing could be found in U.S. states. Then came the news that the brewery was pulling out of nearly 2/3rds of their distribution territory.

In March, Green Flash announced the closure of their $20 million dollar Virginia Beach location that opened in late 2016, terminating over 40 employees. At the time, the brewery released a memo stating they had new investors ready to help maintain the Green Flash presence.

Today, Green Flash President and CEO Mike Hinkley sent out a memo to their shareholders that the company’s senior lender Comerica Bank has foreclosed on its loans and sold the assets through a foreclosure sale which closed on March 30, 2018.

The company no longer owns Green Flash or Alpine Beer brands. Per the memo:

Dear GFBC, Inc. Shareholders,

On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors of GFBC, Inc. (the “Company”), I am truly sorry to report that the Company’s senior lender, Comerica Bank, has foreclosed on its loans and sold the assets of the Company (other than the Virginia Beach brewery) to WC IPA LLC through a foreclosure sale which closed on March 30, 2018.  As such, the Company no longer owns the Green Flash and Alpine businesses. Comerica Bank is currently conducting a separate process to sell the Virginia Beach brewery.

After a general slowdown in the craft beer industry, coupled with intense competition and a slowdown of our business, we could not service the debt that we took on to build the Virginia Beach brewery, and in early 2018, the Company defaulted on its loans with Comerica Bank.  While we took substantial efforts to recapitalize the Company over the past several months, both before and after the bank default, we were ultimately unable to close a transaction.

While the Green Flash and Alpine brands will continue they will do so under new ownership, and GFBC, Inc. and Alpine Beer Company will be wound down and dissolved.  I sincerely thank you for your support over the years.


Mike Hinkley CEO GFBC, Inc.

Comerica is currently in the process of selling the east coast facility, there has been no mention of the fate of the brewery’s third location, set to open up this year in Nebraska.

ED NOTE: Per the memo, Green Flash has been sold to “WC IPA LLC”, registered on Top Gun Street in San Diego. Screenshot below. 

This story is developing…

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Truly a dank IPA? New Belgium The Hemperor ships in April, brewed with hemp

New Belgium The Hemperor

New Belgium The Hemperor, an India pale ale brewed with hemp, debuts in April.

India pale ales have always been hot in craft beer, but lately, their popularity has skyrocketed. You can thank new strains of dank hops, the New England IPA trend, even cheaper ways for small breweries to can their lineup. New Belgium is always experimenting with the green hop-star, but this time the green is a little different.

New Belgium got started in Colorado, known for scenic mountains, breweries and most recently – legal weed. That legal green has given New Belgium the inspiration for what they believe is a new style of IPA, brewed with hemp.

The brewery has developed a way to recreate the terpene flavors in hemp seeds. Terpenes are hydrocarbons derived from the essential oils of the hemp plants. They are major components of resin. Terpenes give plants their aroma, taste and even color. Those potent hemp seed flavors, plus hand-selected hop varieties, promise a truly new and unique “HPA” (hemp IPA).

You’ve probably heard weed referred to as “dank”. You most certainly have heard that term used to describe hops. New Belgium is fusing the two flavors and aromas into one “dank” beer.  It is important to note, hemp seeds and other products are not legally allowed to contain the cannabinoid known as THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol) in them. Any trace of this would be so small it would take an exorbitant amount of consumption to even remotely show up on drug tests, etc. The Hemperor uses the terpenes or essence of hemp, not the cannabinoid THC.

…we found a unique way to recreate hemp terpene flavors in a beer, which complement the inclusion of hop flavors and hemp hearts (seeds) in a brand new, delicious way—not to mention this beer is extremely dank! The flavors and aromas are so unique that it’s a style unto itself, hence HPA®.

New Belgium The Hemperor will start shipping in April, in 12-ounce bottles and draft.

Style: IPA (w/ Hemp)
Hops: Nugget, Cascade, HBC 522, Simcoe
Malts: Pale, White Wheat, Midnight Wheat
Yeast: Ale

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: April 2018

7% ABV