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Guinness Launching Blonde American Lager. Brewed Stateside.

Guinness Blonde American Lager

You know Guinness for the darker side of life. Namely the nitro dry irish stout. In recent years, there have been different releases by the Irish brewery, but the most popular is undeniably the stout.

In August, the brewery is launching a new beer that is just a little out of character, Guinness Blonde American Lager. Yes, it’s brewed in the United States, with American hops.

A crisp, refreshing tasting beer with a rich, delicious flavor, brewed in America in the Guinness traditions known only to our master brewers with our famous Guinness yeast, and Mosaic and Willamette American hops. 

A little investigation shows this beer being brewed by City Brewing Company, a contract brewery that operates three different locations in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Guinness Blonde American Lager will be available in 12oz bottles and draft. Official announcement to follow.

Style: Blonde Lager
Hops: Willamette, Mosaic
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Arrival: August, 2014


  • Eric Carter

    This is a horrible idea and will fail. I may never get tired of being tired of big breweries feeling the need to create beers that people don’t want or need. Smithwick’s Pale Ale has been an epic fail and Guinness Black Lager is barely hanging on. I’m sure with the craft movement they see even the sales of Guinness Draught slowing going down so they make desperate attempts to appeal to people again. Stop.

  • jim

    So you expect them to roll over and play dead? They are simply trying to protect their market share like any brewery would. If consumers do not respond the message will be received by Diageo, let the market work.

  • BD

    Anyone know the carb count?

  • Lewis Smith

    another mass produced ”beer” ‘

    • Oh, god yes. Anything that isn’t artisanally curated by locavore gnomes in some obscure mining village must be pure shite.

  • Russ

    tasted it at Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA- not good