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Mitch Steele’s new brewpub in Atlanta has a name

Mitch Steele, one of the most well known members of Escondido, California based Stone Brewing, departed the company in June. Many thought Steele would start a new project on the west coast. In an interesting twist, his next stop will be Atlanta, Georgia.

Steele, along with partners Carey Falone, and Bob Powers, have signed a lease for a property on Atlanta’s Beltine. The Poncey- Highland based brewpub, recently dubbed New Realm Brewing, will feature house brewed beer, artisanal food, and a fun atmosphere. The new location will feature a rooftop bar, beer garden, and home brewing classes.

“I had an amazing time at Stone and I am very thankful for my experiences there. Now, I am looking forward to the opportunity to become part of the growing craft beer movement in Atlanta and the Southeast.” – Mitch Steele

Breaking ground on the 20,000 square foot space soon, New Realm Brewing is expected to be operational in 2017. Located at 820 Ralph McGill Avenue, in Atlanta.

  • Scofabear

    i think you mean homebrewing Classes

    • NOPE. Homebrewing glasses. It’s a thing, look it up. (Was pre-coffee. Fixed it. Thanks for the heads up… )

      • Scofabear

        before i commented, i sat there for 2 minutes trying to think if homebrewing glasses existed, and if so, what they would be!!

        • Perhaps when we weren’t looking, Steele learned to make his own glass at home. A true artisanal experience.

  • Since he shaved the beard I just can’t shake the resemblance…