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Offshoot Beer Fashionably Late IPA will be one of the brand’s first cans

Offshoot Beer Fashionably Late IPA

California based The Bruery is finally doing something they said they’d never do. Releasing India pale ales. So as not to be called liars, they are doing it in their own unique way – under their own label Offshoot Beer Co. Among the first – Offshoot Beer Fashionably Late IPA.

Considering the India pale ale style continues to reign across craft beer, and The Bruery has basically avoided making them like the plague, the name ‘Fashionably Late IPA‘ is fitting. Since hazy, juicy “New England Style” IPAs are hot right now, that’s exactly where Offshoot Beer Co. is starting the journey.

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Offshoot Beer Fashionably Late IPA is a hazy, juice bomb, featuring juicy. hops like Citra, El Dorado, and Mandarina Bavaria.

Don’t look for distribution any time soon. Offshoot’s hoppy lineup will be made available to those that have signed up on the brewery’s interest list for pickup at the brewery only. Perhaps over time, California will see some distribution, but for now, Placentia, California is the only place you’ll get them,

Fashionably Late IPA will be one of the first canned releases in late April, 2017.

Style: IPA
Hops: Citra, El Dorado, Mandarina Bavaria
Malts: 2 Row, Pale Wheat, Rolled Oats

Availability: 16oz Cans
Debut: Late April, 2017

6.5% ABV

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Founders Doom returns in May

Founders Doom 2017

Founders Doom, the brewery’s barrel-aged imperial IPA, will be available once again in May.


Doom is based off another beer dubbed – Hand of Doom that has made appearances in the Founder’s taproom in the past. 2013 was the first (and only) time this beer was bottled; part of the brewery’s Backstage Series. Founders takes their imperial IPA Double Trouble and aged in oak bourbon barrels.

Doom may be impending but that doesn’t mean you have to fear it. A collision of worlds, the intense hop character of our imperial IPA mingles with the warm vanilla and oak notes imparted from time spent in our favorite bourbon barrels. Like all good things, Doom comes to those who wait.

New for 2017, Founders Doom will be available in 12 ounce bottles for the first time, as well as the well-known 750 milliliter bottles. The brewery has set a street date of May 12th.

This summer, look for Founders DKML, a barrel-aged malt liquor to join the Barrel-Aged Series.

Style: Imperial IPA (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles, 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Latest Release: May, 2017

10% ABV

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Founders Doom

PIC: Beer Street Journal

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Terrapin Chopsecutioner, aged on baseball bats will be available at Suntrust Park

Terrapin Chopsecutioner

Terrapin Chopsecutioner, a lower alcohol by volume edition of the brewery’s flagship IPA, debuts this month.

Maybe drinking 7.3% ABV IPA for 9 innings of baseball in a hot city like Atlanta isn’t recommended. Terrapin Chopsecutioner is here to help. The Athens, Georgia based brewery has a new 5 barrel pilot system at Suntrust Park, the new home of the Atlanta Braves and is the birthplace of this unique beer.

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Attendees to Suntrust Park this summer will see quite a few unique recipes coming out of the new ATL BrewLab, starring with Chopsecutioner, which is actually aged on Mizuno wood bat chips. The hop lineup is the same as the bigger Hopsecutioner sibling, but with a lighter body, lower ABV, and a touch of wood flavor from the bats.

Terrapin Chopsecutioner will be available at Terrapin’s ATL BrewLab year-round when the season opens next week.

Style: IPA (Aged on Baseball Bats)
Availability: Draft Only. Suntrust Park
Debut: April, 2017

5% ABV, 60 IBUs

There is another IPA aged on baseball bats, dubbed ‘Homefront’, that benefits a great cause -Operation Homefront. 

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Schlafly Coconut Creme Ale debuts April 10th

Schlafly Coconut Creme Ale bottle

Schlafly Coconut Creme Ale, the brewery’s second “dessert beer” offering, debuts on April 10th.

Last year’s Double Bean Blonde was great success for Schlafly. The blonde ale featured cocoa nibs and French roast coffee. Fans fell in loved with it, and and have been demanding a follow-up.

Creating Schlafly Coconut Creme Ale required a hefty amount of fresh coconuts, and toasted coconut for aging. The brewery has a habit of using fresh ingredients instead of extracts. That’s important when we talk about flavor.

Nuance is everything in Coconut Creme Ale. This beer is crisp and light and malty. Almost like a lager if you didn’t know better. The use of fresh coconut comes into play at the end of the sip. The subtle wisp of real coconut is what you chase from start to finish. Perfect for spring time on the porch.

Schlafly Coconut Creme Ale will be available in 12 ounce bottles starting April 10th. Little paper umbrellas not included.

Style: Blonde Ale (w/ Coconut, Toasted Coconut)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: 4/10/17

5.5% ABV, 17 IBUS

PIC: Beer Street Journal

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Guinness Irish Wheat launches in Brewer’s Project Series

Guinness Irish Wheat bottle

Guinness Irish Wheat is available nationally this month, part of the brewery’s ongoing Brewer’s Project Series.

A departure from the stout that is synonymous with the name Guinness, the lineup has been home to Rye Pale Ale, and Antwerpen Stout recently.

The recipe is mainly comprised wheat harvested from the southern part of Ireland, plus a touch of stout malt. Guinness Irish Wheat and their Stout share the same yeast. The Irish Wheat is fermented at a higher temperature, which gives off clove and banana esters.

Guinness brewer Jasmin Winterer originally hails from Germany, home of the hefeweizen. The style is very prevalent in her creation; full of citrus and banana.

 “I wanted to help create the best wheat beer outside of Germany,” The style is familiar, but if you look closer, you’ll see how we made it distinctly Guinness – this beer uses 100% wheat sourced in Ireland and the very same yeast that goes into our world famous stout.” Jasmin Winterer, Guinness Brewer

Guinness Irish Wheat can be found nationally starting in April, in 11.2 ounce, six pack bottles. ERP $9.99.

Style: Wheat Ale
Hops: Mount Hood, Amarillo
Malt: Irish Wheat, Stout Malt

Availability: 11.2oz Bottles
Debut: April, 2017

5.3% ABV, 21 IBUs

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Oskar Blues to open Boulder, Colorado location

Oskar Blues Brewery is opening their first Boulder, Colorado location late this summer.

The Colorado native brewery already has locations in Denver, Lyons, and Longmont. 912 Pearl Street, previously occupied by World of Beer will be the new Boulder home. (See image below.)

Patrons can expect more than 20 taps a featuring the full lineup of Oskar Blues, plus selections from partner breweries Perrin Brewing, and Cigar City. The taproom will also feature selections from Oskar Blues restaurant library.

“Over the years, we’ve developed great relationships in the Boulder community with BolderBoulder, University of Colorado, Gold Rush Rally and through the efforts of the CAN’d Aid Foundation with groups like the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance. The live music scene and connection to the outdoors is at the core of the Oskar Blues culture. We’re stoked to extend our front door to Pearl Street and Boulder proper…” – Chad Melis, Marketing Director

Oskar Blues was founded 20 years ago in Lyons, Colorado, distribution to all 50 states, Washington D.C. and various countries abroad.

Image: Google Street View

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Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose has been canned once again

Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose can

Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose has been canned once again this week, shipping soon from the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina brewery.

Regular Westbrook Gose (simply called Gose) debuted in 2012 and is still fairly hard for stores to keep in stock years later. Key Lime Pie Gose is no different. You say the word pie and people come running.

The slightly sour beer is brewed with coriander and sea salt, plus a touch of key lime juice.

Fans of the the brewery’s original gose will definitely find the resemblance in Key Lime. When cold (like, refrigerator cold), the beer has a strong lime tartness. Key lime juice is the boss. As the beer warms up a bit, there is some hints of graham cracker. Or… we could be completely making that part up. We can’t stop thinking about pie. It does become more pie-like as it gets warmer. Or we maybe we just want pie.

Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose will be available again in 12 ounce cans, and draft, as a limited seasonal.

Style: Gose (w/ Key Lime, Sea Salt, Coriander.)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft. Seasonal release.
Latest Return: April, 2017

4.5% ABV