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COMING SOON: Mikkeller Beer Geek Dessert

[UPDATE 7/28: Due to capacity issues, this beer is on hold in definitely]


Mikkeller is expanding the “Beer Geek” line of beers with “Beer Geek Dessert.”

Beer Geek Dessert is based of the Beer Geek Breakfast imperial stout.  In addition to coffee, chocolate & oatmeal flavors – Mikkeller adds cocoa and vanilla bean to the mix.

Availability: 16.9 oz bottles, capped.

Arrival: [UPDATE 7/28, On Hold Indefinitely]

14% ABV

  • Jarrod C

    Any update on this beer…it has me drooling waiting on it.

    • Anonymous

      Checking with Shelton Bros.  It isn’t on their list yet… maybe later in the year.  Update when I hear something… 

      • Anonymous

        Jarrod – this beer is on hold indefinitely due to capacity issues. 

  • Jarrod C

    Thanks Reid.