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How Red Brick Came Up with Holy Brother Stout

For this video, I decided to do something a little different. A little round table discussion about how a beer was thought up, brewed and named.

Red Brick Brewing (Atlanta) just launched a draft only offering – Holy Brother Belgian Stout. In this video, you’ll see how the brewery conceptualized Holy Brother, and see a little fun insight to how the beer became real. Especially the history meets Denzel Washington angle. Watch it and see.

Holy Brother Belgian Stout is only available on draft in Georgia, to show a little home state love.

Style: Belgian Imperial Stout
Availability: Draft only. One time release. Georgia Only.

8% ABV

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Red Brick 3 Bagger Coming to Brick Mason Series

Red Brick 3 Bagger Belgian Style Tripel

Last week, Red Brick Brewing (Atlanta) filled rum barrels with their Belgian-style tripel ale. 3 Bagger Belgian-style Tripel is aging safely in the brewery.

Recently, the brewery released Beard Envy, a bourbon barrel aged barleywine in the Brick Mason Series. in 2014, Red Brick plans on expanding the series with more barrels and new styles.

Look for Red Brick 3 Bagger later this spring/early summer.

Style: Belgian-style Tripel (Barrel Aged. Rum)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Arrival: Late Spring/Summer, 2014

9.5% ABV

The above art is another in a series of specialty art pieces by Atlanta artist Mr. Jert.

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Red Brick Expanding One Off Brews

Red Brick Three Barrel Fermenter

Almost the entire staff at Red Brick Brewing (Atlanta) knows how to brew/home brew. The brewery holds employee brew-offs every so often, winner gets some hefty bragging rights around the tap room.

It is that kind of innovation that led to the discover of a recent seasonal, Sacred Cow Chai Tea Stout. An experimental internal recipe was found to be quite amazing.

Atlanta’s oldest brewery has gotten a new 3 barrel fermenter. That means more experimental brews, and more interesting seasonals to come.

Mark my words.

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Red Brick Releases Beard Envy [VIDEO]

Red Brick Brewing (Atlanta) will have a new barrel aged offering on the shelves in the southeast this week. Beard Envy is the brewery’s barrel aged barley wine.

Brewers Garett Lockhart and Steve Anderson have been kicking around around the idea of barrel aging a barley wine for more than a year. After finishing off the 20th Anniversary Imperial Stout, they knew it was time for that brew. The name, was on accident.

If you’ve spent anytime at all around craft beer, you know that there are a lot of beards running around. Garett has openly admitted that his beard growing skills leave much to be desired. He has “beard envy.” The rest is now history.

Beard Envy is 9+% English-style barley wine aged in tertiary use Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. The final result is worth it. A beer that balances flavors of both the base beer and the barrel. Available now for a limited time.

Style: Barleywine (Barrel Aged, Bourbon)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft

9.3% ABV

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Red Brick Plans Rum Barrel Tripel

Southern Craft Beer

Back in November, we mentioned that Georgia based Richland Rum has expanded. Then the same token, we mentioned that a local brewery might be sourcing rum barrels for a new beer.

Now, we aren’t saying these are Richland Rum barrels (yet), but it is a little coincidental.  Red Brick Brewing is currently sourcing barrels for their next Brick Mason release, Three Bagger Tripel. Once the barrels are in place, the brewery will age Three Bagger in rum barrels.

Beer Street Journal videos to follow.

This month, Red Brick will blend their Beard Envy Barleywine. The beer has been aging for nearly six months in tertiary use Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels.

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Red Brick Launches Draft Only Series

Red Brick Brick Mason Glass

Red Brick Brewing (Atlanta, GA) will launch a new series of draft only offerings for the Atlanta market.

The series will feature various experimental recipes from the brewery’s employees as well as head brewer Garrett Lockhart. The first in the series – Holy Brother Belgian Stout.

Red Brick Holy Brother Belgian Stout will ship in February, 2014.

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First Look: Red Brick Hop Circle Artwork

Red Brick Hop Circle Watermarked

A bit of a Beer Street Journal exclusive here. Local artist and Beer Street Journal supporter Mr. Jert has created another badass label for Red Brick Brewing.

Coming in February, 2014 is a new hybrid style from Atlanta’s oldest brewery. Hop Circle is a hybrid of a hoppy IPA with some brand new hops Red Brick has never used, and a wheat ale. Best part – it’s sessionable, at a mere 4.21% ABV.

BSJ will be there on brew day. Check out our video to come.

Style: Session Ale
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Arrival: February, 2014

4.21% ABV