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Ommegang Seven Kingdoms is the latest Game of Thrones beer

Ommegang Seven Kingdoms close

Ommegang Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale has joined the brewery’s Game of Thrones series.

This edition is a hop-forward marriage of Belgian and American style wheat ales, that finishes strong at 6.9% alcohol by volume. Ommegang touts this beer as “refreshing” (like an episode where a main character doesn’t die some bloody horrible death?)

“With Seven Kingdoms, Ommegang has crafted another excellent brew which we know our fans will love,” said Josh Goodstadt, Vice President of Global Licensing at HBO. “The world of Westeros is varied and complex and this varietal embodies those characteristics while offering a new and unique taste to beer drinkers.”

Ommegang Seven Kingdoms features Bravo, Centennial, Citra, Cascade, and Columbus hops, plus white and red wheat. Available in 750 milliliter bottles in March, just ahead of the April season debut. You’ll have a fresh beer to drink when we hopefully figure out the fate of Jon Snow.

Ommegang recently re-released Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout recently, along with Game of Thrones glassware. The series also features Valar Morghulis Three Eye Raven Saison, and Fire and Blood Red Ale.

Style: Wheat Ale
 Bravo, Centennial, Citra, Cascade, and Columbus
White Wheat, Red Wheat, Oats

Availability: 750ml bottles, Draft
Release: March/Early April, 2016

6.9% ABV

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Ommegang Rosetta, a New Year-Round Cherry Sour

Ommegang Rosetta

Ommegang Rosetta has joined the Cooperstown, New York’s year-round lineup. While this isn’t the brewery’s first time using cherries, a year-round beer like this is new.

Ommegang Rosetta actually hails from Belgium. Brewmaster Phil Leinhart has wanted to brew a year-round fruited sour for sometime now, but the climate in Cooperstown, plus production bottlenecks have prevented it from happening. Belgian brewery Liefman’s, part of the Duvel Moortgat family, does make year round fruited sours, and has for centuries.

To create Ommegang Rosetta, Leinhart worked closely with Liefman’s until the recipe was perfect. (That meant a lot of cross ocean samples.)

“I wanted a sour fruit beer that invites you to have another,” said Leinhart, Ommegang’s Brewmaster since 2008. “So many of the ones I find today are either so tart or so fruity, that I think beer lovers struggle to have more than one. Balance and the right blend was the key for me, and I really believe we hit the sweet spot, so to speak. I am looking forward to hearing back from drinkers on what they think and if the response is favorable, consider bringing this beer in draft next year as well.”

Ommegang Rosetta is available in 11.2 ounce bottles year-round in all of the brewery’s 43 states of distribution.

Style: Wild/Sour Ale (w/ Cherries)
Availability: 11.2oz Bottles
Release: October, 2015

5.6% ABV

Image via Ommegang

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Ommegang Soothsayer

Ommegang Soothsayer

Ommegang Soothsayer

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Ommegang to Re-Release Two Game of Thrones Beers, Gift Set

Hey, while you are arguing over the fate of John Snow, check this out. Brewery Ommegang is re-releasing the first two offerings in the brewery’s Game of Thrones Series.

Coming this fall, Iron Throne Blonde Ale, and Take the Black Stout will reappear in a Game of Thrones Gift Pack, along with a Game of Thrones glass.

“We heard from so many fans who were disappointed about missing the first two Game of Thrones beers,” said Josh Goodstadt, Vice President of Global Licensing at HBO. “The popularity of the beers has grown right alongside the popularity of the show, and we are thrilled to give these first two brews a second turn in the spotlight.”

Iron Throne Blonde Ale was the first release in the series, and fewest bottles produced in the series. Take the Black followed shortly after, selling out just as fast. Other beers in the series includes Three Eyed Raven, a saison, and Valar Morghulis, a Belgian-style dubbel.

You will find both beer on draft in September, along with 750ml bottles and gift sets. ERP, $22.99.

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Ommegang Game of Thrones Three Eyed Raven Released

Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven

Brewery Ommegang will extend their exclusive Game of Thrones line with a fifth beer – Three Eyed Raven. This beer, a dark saison, focuses on the weird (fine, mysterious) bird seen in Bran’s dreams.

The fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres April 12th. Ahead of the episode, Ommegang Three Eyed Raven is hitting shelves.

Released last year, the fourth offering, Valar Morghulus (aka. All Men Must Die) debuted.

Ommegang Three Eyed Raven is available in 37,000, 750ml bottles, corked & caged.

Style: Saison
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Arrival: 4/6/15

7.2% ABV

The raven. The artwork. The epic series.

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Ommegang Nirvana IPA, A Brewery First

Brewery Ommegang Nirvana IPA is headed your way in April, 2015.

Ommegang Nirvana IPA marks the first time the brewery has ever released an India pale ale. This small departure from Ommegang tradition uses Bravo, Simcoe, Centennial, Topaz, and Mosaic, dry-hopped with Centennial, Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo to create a beer full of fruity aromas and flavors.

“Over the past two years, our brew team’s explorations with hops yielded some very lovely beers, including Hop House and Fleur de Houblon, our summer seasonal,” said Phil Leinhart, Ommegang Brewmaster. “Nirvana IPA is the most adventurous hoppy beer to date for us and it really strikes at the sweet-spot of what more and more craft beer drinkers seem to be craving – a mid-level ABV beer with strong hop character that fits a variety of occasions.”

Ommegang Nirvana IPA will initially only be available in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT.) Interestingly, this is the first beer produced at Boulevard Brewing Co, both a part of the the Duvel family, as they are 6-pack capable. Ommegang’s Mike McManus worked on the recipe in Cooperstown before working with Boulevard on the hoppy project.

Expect Ommegang Nirvana IPA in April, 2015.

Style: IPA
Hops: Bravo, Simcoe, Centennial, Topaz, Mosaic, Centennial Citra, Amarillo
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Distribution: NY, NJ, CT

Release: April, 2015

6.2% ABV

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Ommegang Combines Coffee & Chocolate in “Jommegang”

Shortly after Ommegang launches their new Game of Thrones offering Three-Eyed Raven, Ommegang will release a new coffee offering, Joemmegang.

Ommegang Joemmegang blends flavors of coffee, chocolate and beer together in a bold new offering.

Cold-aged with a custom mixture of cocoa nibs, 1/3 espresso blend, 1/3 sumatra and 1/3 Papua New Guinea beans. Mahogany hue with red hightlights and creamy tan head. Aroma dominated by cold-brewed coffee, milk chocolate and caramel – rounded out with aromatic hints of fruit and figs. Taste is of sweet malts and smooth, rich coffee and chocolate. Pleasantly fruity notes from both the yeast and coffee beans.

Ommegang Joemmegang is on the brewery’s release calendar for May, 2015. To be available in 750ml bottles.

Style: American Strong Ale (w/ Coffee, Cocoa Nibs)
Availability: 750ml bottles, Corked & Caged
Release: May, 2015 (Estimated)

7.5% ABV