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Epic Sour Brainless on Peaches, Batch #3

Epic Sour Brainless on Peaches

Epic Sour Brainless on Peaches returns again in May, 2017, marking the third release of this beer.

When Epic built their Denver, Colorado brewery in 2013, the sour program took a major step forward with the addition of three 60 hectoliter oak foeders (seen below). In 2014, some Brainless on Peaches casks got funked up by some errant wild yeast, and was so tasty, that Epic Sour Brainless on Peaches ended up launching the program. As of early 2017, the brewery now has 14 foeders.

Epic Sour Brainless on Peaches begins with one foeder filled with the souring bacteria, Lactobacillus, another with Brettanomyces. Scared to death of Pediococcus (aka “The Devil”), Epic filled wine casks with the Pedio and left the third foeder for blending.

The Final Blend.

Epic Sour Brainless on Peaches is a blend of the Brett and Lacto foeders, and all the Pediococcus wine casks that were blended into neutral oak white wine casks. The brewery’s new found love of Pediococcus eventually led them to finally funk up that third foeder with “The Devil”. Epic laments – this is the most sour edition of this beer to date.

Epic Brainless on Peaches Batch #3 is available in 375 milliliter bottles.

Style: American WIld/Sour Ale (w/ Peaches, Oak Aged.)
Availability: 375ml  bottles
Latest Return: May, 2017

?? ABV

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Epic Brewing Los Locos debuts

Epic Brewing Los Locos Mexican-Style Lager

Epic Brewing Los Locos Mexican-Style Lager debuts on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th. Duh.)

The warm weather inspired beer boasts “a hint of malt sweetness, a dash of sea salt and a refreshing splash of lime.”

Troy Guard is the Denver chef with a Mexican restaurant so badass we can even put the name on this can. While enjoying his food we had a crazy idea: brew Mexican-style lager with corn, natural lime juice.

Epic Brewing Los Locos Mexican-Style Lager is a 12 ounce can offering for a limited time.

Style: Lager (w/ Lime, Sea Salt)
Availability: 12oz cans, Draft.
Release: 5/5/2016

4.8% ABV

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Epic Sour Lime Gose

Epic Sour Lime Gose

Epic Sour Lime Gose

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Epic and Ska Brewing team up on a barrel-aged peach IPA

Epic Skeptic Barrel-Aged Peach IPA 2016

Colorado breweries Epic Brewing and Ska Brewing will debut a new collaboration beer on March 19th – Skeptic Barrel-Aged Peach IPA.

The new beer encompasses each of the brewery’s individual strong points. In the case of Epic – barrel-aging and the fruit. For Ska, hops. The result – Skeptic Barrel-Aged Peach IPA.

We like to view the world with a rational eye, and that’s the beauty of this beer. Share it with a friend – discuss UFO’s, the existence of a soul, how could homing pigeons possibly have ESP, who shot JFK… One thing’s for certain: this collaboration between Epic and Ska, aged in Peach Street Peach Brandy Barrels, is something you can believe in.

Skeptic Barrel-Aged Peach IPA will debut at Collaboration Fest, put on by the Colorado Brewers Guild on March 19th. Distribution across Colorado, and parts of the U.S. to follow after.

Style: IPA (w/ Peaches. Barrel Aged. Peach Brandy.)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft
Release: 3/19/16

7% ABV

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Posted in EPIC Brewing Company, New Beers

Epic Brewing Orchard Cherry

Epic Brewing Orchard Cherry

Epic Brewing Orchard Cherry

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Epic Brewing Adds More Texas Distribution

Epic Brewing Company (Salt Lake City, UT) is annoying further distribution into Texas. The brewery has partnered with Faust Distributing Company who will be covering the Houston area.

“Our Denver brewery recently finished a large cellar expansion” said National Sales Manager Michael Malachowski, “and with the increased capacity we can widen our presence in Texas. The craft beer community in Houston has been asking for us since we launched last August and it’s finally time to answer their call.”

Epic is hosting event in the Houston, Texas area the week of March 10th.