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BrewDog Enters the Spirits Biz

We are going to have to sit down and think about all the breweries that are starting to distill their own spirits, alongside brewing beer. Scottish brewer BrewDog is the latest to do so, and this time the spirit is created from beer. Watt Dickie (named for the brewery founders), is a 35% ice distilled beer, that is in a category of it’s own.

The brewery calls Watt Dickie a “bastard love child of the process that goes into making Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sink the Bizmarck, and The End of History all exceeding 30% ABV. To obtain such high levels, BrewDog freezes off excess water leaving the alcohol behind. The base beer is an “insanely amplified” IPA that undergoes a patent pending freezing alchemy to create the final product.

It is meant to be enjoyed as a spirit. Drink it on the rocks or neat, your choice.

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Brewdog, Mikkeller and Nogne-O Combine Forces

Brewdog Mikkeller Black Tokyo Horizon

Three European brewing superpowers combine forces (and three of their own amazing beers) to create Black Tokyo Horizon. This massive stout’s constituents: Mikkeller Black, Nogne-O Dark Horizon, and BrewDog Tokyo. Not every state will see this one, thanks to it’s 16% ABV.

This collaborative beer was created when the paths of Mikkeller, Nogne-0, and BrewDog merged. It is an equal combination of ideas and inspiration extracted from each brewery’s respective huge stouts…

Style: Imperial Stout (Blend of 3 other beers)
Availability: 11.2oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

16% ABV

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Brewdog On Advertising: “I’d Rather Set My Money On Fire”

Interesting quote from James Watt, Brewdog founder in Marketing UK today. Especially relevant on the eve (ish) of the Super Bowl – the big time when it comes to traditional marketing. When asked if he would be creating advertising to compete with big brewers, he replied:

‘I would rather take my money and set fire to it,’ he added. ‘It’s the antithesis of everything we stand for and everything we believe in. It’s a medium that is shallow, it’s fake and we want nothing to do with it.’

So, no Super Bowl Ads coming soon for Brewdog. [MarketingUK]

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No Boys Allowed for this Beer at Brewdog

In response to the continual sidelining of women in the craft beer industry, the ladies of Brewdog decided to take matters into their own hands. On January 28th only the women staff will be locking themselves in and brewing a beer “worthy of any BrewDog tap … a secret recipe for a beer we’d love to drink”

The ladies of Brewdog, or #BrewBirds, have decided to make 2013 the year women begin to take the helms of craft brewing.

“We are tired of being told that our beverage of choice is not for us, of being offered a mediocre wheat beer with a slice of orange when we ask at the bar what beer they’d recommend.” Preach ladies!

Style: ??
Availability: ??
Arrival: TBA (UK Only)

Read more: Badass Women In Beer 

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Ballast Point/Brewdog Collab Releases in September

The Ballast Point/Brewdog collaboration is finally going to see the light of day. Almost a year ago (November 11, 2011),folks from Ballast Point Brewing (San Diego, CA) jumped the pond to Scotland and created San Diego Scotch Ale. The group soaked raisins in Ballast Point’s Three Sheets Rum.  Then they aged it in a scotch whiskey barrel.

Look for bottles to be released in the Brewdog store in September, 2012.

Style: Scotch Ale (w/ Raisins, Rum, Barrel Aged)
Availability: 12 oz bottles

?? ABV

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Flying Dog and Brewdog Collaborate (PR)

Frederick, MD — At 15:37 EST on July 27, Flying Dog Brewery issued direct orders for its Brewmaster and 23-Star General Matt Lovefreedom Brophy to head to Scotland. His operative objective? Brew Dog domination.

Captaining his own destroyer, equipped with ballistic missile submarines and PCs pre-loaded with Minesweeper, Brophy will set sail for Nessie’s homeland Tuesday and arrive on the white sand beaches August 23.

Closely guarded in the ship’s hull will be International Arms Race, the Zero IBU IPA and cause of this all-out war between the two breweries.

At the end of March, Flying Dog and BrewDog decided on the terms of their combative collaboration. Hops were banned from the battlefield, but after 84 hours of negotiation, a host of other weapons to impart bitterness — spearmint, bay leaves, rosemary, juniper berries, and elderflower — were agreed on. Then, it was decided that each brewery would craft it’s own version of the beer, which highlights the human element of the brewing process and does not require the Flying Dog staff to socialize with any Scots.

“Collaboration was never an option,” Brophy said. “It’s a long word that takes entirely too long to type. So, we challenged BrewDog to a battle of the brewing arts and they accepted. Now, it’s time to face off.”

On August 23, Brophy and BrewDog Captain James Watt will begin a tour of BrewDog pubs in both Scotland and England. Civilians can seek refuge from war and try each brewery’s International Arms Race at the following:

  • Thursday, August 23 at Aberdeen, 7 pm
  • Friday, August 24 at Glasgow, 7 pm
  • Saturday, August 25 at Newcastle, 4 pm
  • Sunday, August 26 at Manchester, 2 pm
  • Monday, August 27 at Camden, 7 pm

Brophy held a private preview of the Flying Dog Zero IBU IPA with Ewan McGregor, Craig Ferguson, Gerard Butler, and Brian Cox. Their overwhelming response to the beer and support for American liberty provided further validation for Brophy, but also furthered Watts’ doubt, self-loathing, and hatred for Bald Eagles.

“We keep hearing from James that it will be bloody,” Brophy said. “Consider that a warning.”

If left standing, Watt and skirt-wearing cohorts will join Brophy on his home turf in September to premiere each brewery’s version International Arms Race in the United States.

About Flying Dog Brewery:

“Good Beer, No Shit.” Located in Frederick, MD, Flying Dog is Maryland’s largest brewery. As its tagline proclaims, Flying Dog is committed to producing world-class craft beer and continues to push the envelope with experimental and limited-edition releases. Recent accolades include Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale ranked as the #1 American Pale Ale in the U.S. by The New York Times and Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA named one of the best new beers in 2010 by multiple sources. For more information, please

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Brewdog’s Performance Enhancing “Olympic” Beer

How about a beer brewed with creatine, guarana, ginseng, gingo, maca powder, matcha tea, and kola nut. How about a beer that makes empty promises about performance enhancement? That’s Brewdog’s newest beer Never Mind The Anabolics. All those “additives” are a part of a 6.5% ABV IPA brewed in honor of the London Olympics, just days away.

Why waste time training hard? This little beauty does the hard work for you. Guaranteed to boost your sporting ability in an almost completely legal way. Most of the performance enhancing additives we infused into this ale are banned for professional athletes. But winning by any possible means is the name of the game here.

I’m sure the name is a tiny homage to the Sex Pistols only studio they ever produced back in 1993. Back in April, Brewdog launched a beer boasting viagra as an additive to help Prince Willy’s “willy.”

The beer is for sale online, and will hit Brewdog bars in the UK this weekend. $7 (US).