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 Bell’s Brewery adds New Mexico in September

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Bell’s Brewery will be available in New Mexico starting in September. The brewery has signed distribution deals with companies in the state.

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Premier Distributing Company and L&F Distributors will cover the Land of Enchantment. Bell’s will be bringing their entire year-round portfolio at launch, plus current seasonals.

“We are very excited to welcome two new additions to the Bell’s extended family. Both share our same standards of quality and customer service that our customers expect and deserve. We are all looking forward to launching there later this year.”  – Laura Bell, CEO Bell’s Brewery.

New Mexico is Bell’s 32nd state of distribution.

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Bell’s Pooltime Ale returns for a second summer

Bell’s Pooltime Ale is shipping once again, a part of the brewery’s speciality lineup.

Bell’s Pooltime Ale is a Belgian-style wheat ale, brewed with Montmorency cherry juice from Traverse City, Michigan. Until 2016’s aluminum debut, it had been a few years since the Michigan based brewery brewed

“Poolside is a beer we haven’t seen for a while. It was incredibly well received and we thought it was the right time to bring this seasonal favorite back,” Bell’s Vice President Laura Bell said.

Bell’s Pooltime Ale will be available in limited quantities in 12 ounce cans/ 6 packs starting in mid-May, across the brewery’s entire distribution area.

Style: Witbier (w/ Cherry Juice)
Availability: 12oz Cans. Limited Release
Latest Return: May, 2017

5% ABV

Ed Note: 2017’s release is called Pooltime Ale, instead of Poolside Ale. Image via Bell’s Brewing

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Bell’s Mars is back on shelves, inspired by Gustav Holst

Bell's Mars 2017

Bell’s Mars, part of the brewery’s “Planetary Series” is making a second appearance this month.

In 2014, Bell’s Mars was the first release in a series of beers inspired by composer Gustav Holst’s The Planets. The piece was first conceived in 1913, thanks to his interest in astrology. Mars was the first to be written, with Mercury completed in 1915. (Don’t go looking for Pluto.) The brewery released beers in order of composition. Bell’s Mars was first.

An imperial IPA was chosen to represent Mars, The Bringer of War. The dank, hop bomb was easily one of the most popular in the series.

Mars (The Bringer of War) is a Double IPA inspired by the music of Gustav Holst. An intense hopping regime imparts incredible notes of tropical fruit, citrus and pine, while Munich malt provides balance and a deep red hue.

Bell’s Mars has returned to brewery’s lineup for a limited time in April, 2017. Important to note – the brewery plans to have a little bit more stock to go around this time.

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Latest Return: April, 2017

10.1% ABV

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Bell’s Am I Right or Amarillo is brewed specifically for Texas

Bell's Am I Right or Amarillo

Texas will have a beer brewed just for The Lonestar State starting this week. Bell’s Am I Right or Amarillo will help the brewery launch their 31st state of distribution.

This beer marks the first time Bell’s Brewery has ever brewed a beer specifically for a market launch. As the name suggests, the India pale ale is brewed with 100% Amarillo hops.

“I have been telling people for quite some time, that if we ever head to Texas, this beer would be a part of it,” – Larry Bell, Bell’s President and Founder

The brewery has signed more than 14 distribution contracts in order to launch the Texas market. The brewery is currently filling sales positions for the state as well.

Bell’s Am I Right or Amarillo is a 12 ounce bottle and draft release.

Style: IPA
Hops: Amarillo

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: March, 2017

6% ABV

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You can have Bell’s Brewery send your Valentine card

If you have someone in your life you love as much as beer, Bell’s Brewery can help you with that.

For a limited time you can chose your card design and Bell’s will physically send a card to your sweetie’s address. Mushy message included.

The website is live now, corresponding with a very fitting beer not only for Valentine’s Day, but spring as well, Smitten Rye. The seasonal can release is headed back to. shelves as your are reading this.

As for the Valentine’s Day cards, don’t wait. The brewery only sends out a limited number of cards. Otherwise you’ll have to settle for e-cards…

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Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale will be canned this spring

Bell's Oatsmobile Can 2

Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale, launched in April, will be canned in Spring, 2017. This was the first year-round addition since 2010.

Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale, as the name suggests, is brewed with malted oats. The brewery states that the oat addition lends the beer a body you don’t alway get in a session pale ale. The oats plus a dry-hop bill of Mosaic, Citra, and Amarillo makes what Bell’s hopes is a standout low alcohol by volume beer.

“This beer is unique. Aromatics may drive it, but the signature ingredient – oats – are what really makes this beer stand apart and also where the name comes from. It’s approachable and intriguing with a fun personality,” said Bell’s Vice President, Laura Bell.

Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale is currently available in 12 ounce bottles and draft across the brewery’s entire network. 12 ounce cans will be available in the coming spring.

Style: Pale Ale
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Year-Round
Debut: April, 2016
Cans: Spring, 2017

4.3% ABV

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Bell’s Black Note is back. Good luck.

Bell's Black Note 2016

Bell’s Black Note, the brewery’s bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, has made a 2016 return.

Beside’s Hopslam, Bell’s Black Note is one of the brewery’s most sought after beers. The beer blends the best parts of the brewery’s Expedition Stout, with the creamy flavor of Double Cream Stout, plus the added gift of bourbon barrel aging.

The resulting harmony of flavors captures the finest features of all three components: malty notes of dark chocolate, espresso and dried fruits, all buoyed by the warmth and fragrance of the bourbon barrel.

Bell’s Black Note is available in 12 ounce bottles. The release is extremely limited. Be nice to your local Bell’s rep.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged)
Availabilty: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Very limited.
Latest Return: Late July, 2016

11.5% ABV

Image: Community Tap