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Epic Brewing Adds More Texas Distribution

Epic Brewing Logo

Epic Brewing Company (Salt Lake City, UT) is annoying further distribution into Texas. The brewery has partnered with Faust Distributing Company who will be covering the Houston area.

“Our Denver brewery recently finished a large cellar expansion” said National Sales Manager Michael Malachowski, “and with the increased capacity we can widen our presence in Texas. The craft beer community in Houston has been asking for us since we launched last August and it’s finally time to answer their call.”

Epic is hosting event in the Houston, Texas area the week of March 10th.

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New Belgium Adds Kentucky

New Belgium Brewing Logo

New Belgium Brewing (Ft. Collins, CO) will be begin distributing in Kentucky on March 2nd, 2015.

New Belgium will offer Fat Tire, along with year-round releases Ranger IPA, Slow Ride Session IPA and Snapshot Wheat on draft and in 12-ounce bottles.

Seasonal offerings, including Rampant Imperial IPA, Trippel Belgian-Style Ale and variety packs will also be available in 12-ounce packages.

“We’ve been eyeing Kentucky for quite a while, so it’s exciting to officially open up the state,” said New Belgium Brewing’s Sales Co-Pilot, Brian Krueger. “The glory of college basketball is upon us and the Derby isn’t too far off, so we’re arriving at a pretty fun time in the state.”

New Belgium’s Kentucky Distribution Network

  • Eagle Distributing Company –AB
  • Golden Eagle Distributing, Inc. –AB
  • J.B. Distributors, Inc. –AB
  • Bud of Hopkinsville (Hand Family, LLC) –AB
  • Kentucky Eagle, Inc.-AB
  • Perry Distributors, Inc. – AB
  • River City Distributing – M/C
  • Smith Brothers Distributing Company –AB
  • Stagnaro Distributing – M/C
  • Edward Utley Jr., Inc. –AB
  • Heidelberg of Northern Kentucky – Independent

The addition of Kentucky brings New Belgium’s distribution states to 38.

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WARSTEINER Rolls Out New Logos in U.S.

Warsteiner USA New Packaging

Starting in February, 2015, WARSTEINER is rolling out new logos and branding in the United States. The idea is to update a refresh and modernize the more than 200 year old brewery’s look.

“Millennials are embracing WARSTEINER as their own,” said Laura Sprengard, brand manager for Warsteiner USA. “Our new, more modern look better reflects our customer base – now and into the future – without departing from the history that makes us so special.”

The breakdown on the WARSTEINER change:

  • Refreshed Logos:The WARSTEINER name features a larger, simpler font in metallic gold. Within its round logo, the typical German typeface for “s” in WARSTEINER is substituted with a new anchor in the form of the stretched “t”. The “A Queen among Beers” tag has been removed to improve legibility.
  • New Name for Flagship Pilsener and Dunkel:Warsteiner’s flagship pilsener, WARSTEINER Premium Verum, is now WARSTEINER Premium German Pilsener. WARSTEINER Premium Dunkel is now WARSTEINER Dunkel.
  • New Bottle Labels: The WARSTEINER Premium German Pilsenerlabel is redesigned in metallic gold and black while the WARSTEINER Dunkel label is now amber.
  • New Bottle Caps:The WARSTEINER Premium German Pilsener cap switches to black while the WARSTEINER Dunkel cap changes to amber.
  • New 12-Pack and 6-Pack Design:WARSTEINER Premium German Pilsener 12- and 6-packs are now gold and black while WARSTEINER Dunkel is now amber; 12-packs more clearly reveal contents. All packaging emphasizes the brand’s key differentiators – the German Purity Law of 1516 brewing tradition and its position as the No. 1 imported premium pilsener among German private breweries.
  • New Pilsener Can and Package Design:WARSTEINER Premium German Pilsener cans have an updated metallic gold finish with prominent black accents. The new packaging reveals contents.

WARSTEINER opened in 1753, outside of Warstein, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

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Did Cigar City Just Troll Us All?

Cigar City Front Door

It started with an article on Sunday about Anheseur-Busch getting a meeting with Cigar City Brewing.  You might have seen the Beer Street Journal article mentioning that A-B is hungry for another craft brewery purchase, even if they don’t get the Tampa craft brewer.

Cigar City later went on record saying they are NOT selling to the beer giant.

Today, the brewery posted a picture to their Facebook page, promoting their involvement in The Florida Strawberry Festival.

Look closely. Check out that door. If you don’t know, that’s an Anheuser-Busch logo.

Of course, we’re 99.9999999% sure it’s a joke, and we’ve all been trolled. Well played, Cigar City. Well played.

Screenshot 2015-02-12 16.02.55

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A Bar Calls Out Negativity. Something I Totally Get [Op-Ed]

The Common Table

The Common Table, craft beer gastropub in Dallas, Texas let their feelings about the state of craft beer and some of their clientele fly on Facebook today. It’s pretty amazing.

Now, I know that with constantly writing about beer, traveling to breweries and more, I get my share of rare beer. Luck favors the bold. On the subject of negativity however, this is pretty great.

Everytime I click post to Beer Street Journal, or send a tweet or an Instagram, I have this feeling that washes over me for few seconds. A feeling that someone is going to hate this. When I say hate, I mean, the beer, my post, my writing, my grammar, my phrasing, or a combination of all of it.

Negativity bleeds across all my timelines, from Twitter, to Facebook and everything in between. I’ve had readers tell me to kill myself on multiple occasions. I’ve had Redittors call me retarded, fat, uneducated, even called my mother a whore. (A note to those people: You aren’t going to hurt my feelings. I was nerd growing up, and got the shit kicked out of me for years. You can’t hurt me. Someone should hug you more.)

A bar calling out the negativity in craft beer is incredible. These folks understand the hatred. Yelp, Beer Advocate forums, Reddit forums, email listservs. There really is no perfect way to distribute a case of rare beer. They are basically set up to fail, but they keep doing it for the love of beer. I’ve seen people complain in places that have an amazing tap lineup, that there’s “nothing new.”

I started Beer Street Journal more than six years ago, because I wanted people to get excited about all this amazing beer being made. Maybe help the industry grow a little. It’s my life.

BSJ is news based, and very little editorial. I will say, if you are reading this. You are surrounded by some of the best, and most creative beer in the world. You won’t like every one of them. That doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Plus, if they do, and you don’t, that doesn’t make them wrong. In that glass is someone’s hard work, passion, life savings, even a kid’s college fund.

Experimenting (and tasting) is what makes craft beer fun. If it was the same thing over and over again, none of this would exist.

I say this with all sincerity. Drink. Be Awesome. Be Positive. Most of all… Be Happy.

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A Beer Brewed with Whale Testicles

Fin Whale

Icelandic brewery Steojar made news in January of last year when they launched a beer brewed with whale meal (called Hvalur Thorri). Animal activists went nuts. Furthermore, the Vesturland Public Health Safety deemed the beer unfit for sale, only to ultimately allow the beer to be sold.

Speaking of nuts, the brewery is back at it again, brewing a beer with whale balls. That’s right, whale testicles. Steojar decided to follow up their whale-based predecessor with smoked testicles from fin whales into the brew.

One full whale testicle is used in every batch. Hvalur 2 goes on sale January 23rd.

Depending on your sources, the fin whale is either endangered or hanging in nicely in the North Atlantic ocean. Whaling, and the consumption of whale is legal in Iceland, and controlled.

The brewery did not kill the whales for the testicles, but is a by-product of the Icelandic whaling business.

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72 People Die From Poisoned Beer in Mozambique


A batch of traditional, home-brewed, beer is responsible for the death of 72 people in Mozambique. More than 100 have been hospitalized.

Early reports point to a poison spiked batch of pombe, a recipe brewed with sorghum, corn and millet. A large crowed of funeral goers drank the poisoned pombe, and immediately fell ill.

The recipe and brewing process of pombe is not fatal. According to Radio Mozambique, the brew might have been poisoned with crocodile bile, a deadly poison. Apparently the container full of pombe is missing as well.

Ed note: Crocodile bile isn’t inherently poisonous. There is a lot of superstition surrounding the pancreas of a crocodile in Mosambique. The beer was potentially spiked with a more poisonous substance.