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Update. New Glarus is not canning. Here’s what happened

New Glarus Mistake

New Glarus Brewing is not canning, contrary to a story that we posted earlier today. Here’s what happened.

New Glarus posted to their Instagram over the weekend, a picture of a new piece of a equipment in the brewery. They asked fans to guess what it was. Judging by the comments, most thought it was a canning line. To which the brewery or PR person in charge of the account confirmed it was a canning line.

That post on the brewery’s Instagram remained unchanged until this afternoon, when they updated it, mentioning their mistake. (See above).

For now, it’s a keg line. Sadly, no known can plans for New Glarus. For now.

The original post is below. 


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Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde launches year-round

Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde

Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde hits the market this week, a Belgian-style blonde ale.

The Belgian-styles that have come out of the Asheville, North Carolina based brewery have started with Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde. Visitors to the original brewpub have seen this beer open fermenting behind the glass in the basement brewhouse. Now the the recipe the brewery has been perfecting will get year-round bottle treatment.

“When we first talked about crafting Belgian beers for our portfolio, open fermentation was really important to us,” explains Walt Dickinson, owner and Head Blender, “We wanted to craft beers that felt like the Old World, but with a New World perspective. Lunatic Blonde has become the base that we build everything else off of because it’s the most straightforward beer and there’s nothing to hide behind. It’s all about yeast character and fermentation.”

Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde is now available in 11.2 ounce bottles, and draft.

Style: Belgian-style Blonde Ale
Availability: 11.2oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: Late-January, 2016

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Could New Belgium sell?

New Belgium Logo 2015

New Belgium, a 100% employee-owned company, may be up for sale, according to Reuters.

Seem too crazy to happen? Probably. Reuters recently reported Atlanta, Georgia based SweetWater Brewing Company was prepping to go public, but months later, there still isn’t even a whiff of an initial public offering.

Advisory firm Lazard Middle Market is apparently advising New Belgium on on the sale, which could be worth more than $1 billion dollars.

Beer Street Journal have reached out to New Belgium and Lazard, with no responses.

The brewery was 41% owned by employees, with CEO Kim Jordan owning the controlling share, until January, 2013 when they transitioned to 100% employee ownership. At the time, Jordan was quoted as saying:

We have an opportunity to write the next chapter of this incredible story and we’re really excited about that,” said New Belgium CEO and co-founder, Kim Jordan. “We have always had a high involvement ownership culture and this allows us to take that to the next logical level. It will provide an elegant succession framework that keeps the executive team intact ensuring our vision stays true going forward.”

A New Belgium sale seems highly unlikely, but easier than you might think.Despite the fact they are 100% employee owned, in most cases of this type a majority vote would be the only thing needed to approve a sale.

The brewery has always been proud of its ownership. A company sale would strike at New Belgium’s core values.

Then again, few people saw the Goose Island purchase coming years ago.

That changed everything.

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For the love Belgian beer and food, there’s Nuit Belge (Sponsor)

Nuit Belge 2016

Love Belgian beer and some of the best food Atlanta has to offer? Then January’s Nuit Belge event in Atlanta is where you need to be.

You are at Beer Street Journal right now because you love beer, so lets start there. Nuit Belge showcases 30 amazing Belgian and Belgian-style beers, from saisons to sours, Trappist ales, strong dark ales… you get the idea.

Each of those 30 beers are expertly paired by 14 of Atlanta’s best restaurants and chefs, showing you how well beer and food pair together.

Rhizome Productions, best known (at least in our book) for Nashville’s 12 South Winter Warmer Festival, started Nuit Belge in 2014. Instant success. Founder Matt Leff decided to take this even on the road in 2016, so we pushed for Atlanta to be the next stop.

Additionally, the highly touted Blackberry Farm from East Tennessee is supporting the event both in beer and culinary support. Olive and Sinclair Artisan Chocolates out of Nashville (think Terrapin Moo-Hoo) will be providing chocolate samples. The whole idea is designed to elevate the beer and food game.

Nuit Belge will be held on January 23rd, 2016 at The Foundry and Puritan Mill. The venue has great lighting, and will feature live music, lounge areas, and clean restrooms. Dress to impress folks. This is no beer festival. There is even valet.

Each restaurant will serve you two tastes of each dish, strategically paired with a beer. In addition to these key restaurants, expect a raw bar, cheese tasting, chocolate tasting, and charcuterie.

Participating Restaurants Include:

Ba Bellies
Blackberry Farm
Cooks & Soldiers
City House Nashville-guest
Double Zero
Empire State South
Holeman & Finch
Heirloom Market BBQ • Iberian Pig
King + Duke
Local Three
Octopus Bar

Beer Street Journal is excited to be a sponsor of Nuit Belge Atlanta 2016, along with Savannah Distributing, and Hop City. National partners include Blackberry Farm Brewery, Orca Coolers, and Olive and Sinclair Chocolate.

For a limited time: Beer Street Journal readers can purchase discounted tickets to Nuit Belge Atlanta at Shop Beer Street Journal. Get your tickets now!


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World of Beer’s Fall Plates & Pints menu is tasty (Sponsored)

World of Beer Fall Plates

It started with us telling the chef how much we loved the pumpkin spice habanero wings at World of Beer. Next thing we know we have run down the entire Fall Bites menu.

Not every World of Beer location sells food. Some do, because some states (like Georgia, where we ate) say you can’t just sell beer. Some breweries and bars will sell microwavable food to comply. World of Beer has gone all in with a full-on kitchen, and creative chefs.

The pumpkin spice habanero wings, plus a Stone Barrel-aged Arrogant Bastard hooked us. Naturally, we ran down the whole menu.

The pimento cheese is topped with bacon, and comes with garlic toast. Goes perfectly with Highland Clawhammer Oktoberfest. Colorado chili (with chorizo) requires another Colorado specialty, Left Hand Milk Stout. (That beer is a go-to anytime we eat chili anyway)

That’s a cornbread skillet below, southwest style, with peppers and queso fresco. Founders Pale Ale paired fantastically with it.

The heartiest on the fall menu are the Dogfish Head Meatloaf sliders. The “off-centered” sandwiches are a collaboration with Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats Chef Kevin. The gravy is made with Dogfish Head Indian Brown, served on a brioche bun. We couldn’t decide which porter to pair, so we tried a couple Sixpoint Beast Mode, and Anchor Porter.

Without taking it to death, as you can see, World of Beer has taken time to put together food worthy of pairing with your beer. That’s something that really catches our attention.

This is sponsored by World of Beer. The opinions are solely those of Beer Street Journal.


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Don’t get drunk, break into a zoo, and pet a tiger

Tiger pic

Drinking is fun. Like, really fun. We do it all the time. For most people, there are limited setbacks from a day night of drinking. (Maybe a bad hangover, or a regretful 2 am Taco Bell run).

Then… there are people that get drunk, break into a zoo, and try to pet a tiger. A freaking tiger.

The Washington Post reports that Omaha, Nebraska’s tiger Mai, is most famous for having a 3 legs after losing one to a poacher’s trap in the wild in Gambang, Malaysia. Now she is known for the harsh warning she gave to 33 year old Jacqueline Eide.

Around 7 am on Sunday, Eide somehow got into a secured area of the zoo, and stuck her delicious, meaty, drunken hand into the cage to pet Mai. The result is exactly what mother nature would have told Eide, had she drunk dialed her instead of going all covert ops on the zoo animals.

According to various news reports, this lady has a history of incredible decisions, including DUIs (at least 3), public vandalism, and now criminal trespass.

The bite is so bad, she could lose some fingers. No word if that is her drinking hand.

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Not Your Father’s Root Beer Released in Cans

Not Your Father's Root Beer Cans

Not Your Father’s Root Beer seemingly became a hit overnight. Small Town Brewery’s alcoholic root beer has made over $7 million dollars in the first half of 2015 alone.

Nationally, 12 ounce cans of the root beer are hitting shelves now alongside its 12 ounce counterpart.

If you haven’t had it, we can attest – it truly does taste like root beer. The 5.9% alcohol by volume is hidden quite well, making it dangerous for those with a sweet tooth.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a year round offering in bottles and cans.

Style: Hard Root Beer
Availability: 12oz Bottles, 12oz Cans

5.9% ABV