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Brewing Up Savings for Your Business (Promoted)

Aprio Brewery Tax Incentives

There are two things in life nobody should ever say no to – free beer and free money. While Aprio doesn’t brew beer, we can brew up some serious savings for your business. 

Research & Development (R&D) tax credits are a quick way to put money back in your pocket, but most brewers have no idea that their businesses can claim them—that’s money left on the table that’s rightfully yours. The crazy thing is: brewers perform activities every day that qualify for an R&D credit—nothing you do needs to change. 

Every time you experiment with a new formula, play around with eclectic ingredients, or experiment with different strains of yeast or types of hops, you’re doing R&D. Every time you adjust your production or canning process to make it cheaper, faster or better, you’re doing R&D, and the costs of this labor, ingredients and other supplies can all be taken into consideration for the credit.

We have extensive and expert experience in this industry and have helped several breweries recapture their hard-earned dollars. We can do the same for you, with minimal cost and minimal disruption to your routine. Why pay that money to the IRS when you can use it to reinvest in your company? Even if you aren’t paying taxes just yet, you could still get some cash back to do with what you please.

It’s a pretty simple question – do you want some free money? Let us buy you a beer and see how we can help you.

Contact Adam Beckerman, Partner-in-Charge or Manufacturing & Distribution at Aprio at [email protected] or 404-898-7542.

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Woman slams a 6-pack of Stella Artois in Target

Six pack of Stella Artois from Target? That’s fine, but you have to pay for it first.

The police department in Lathrop, California published to Facebook a story of a suspected shoplifter entered a local Target and filled a shopping cart with clothes and a 6-pack of Stella Artois. She then locked herself in the dressing room for an hour drinking the entire sixer.

After consuming the six beers, Johnson exited the store without paying for any items. She had over $200 worth of items in her possession.

That $10 dollar 6-pack will now cost her a bit more. Her bail was set at $60,000 dollars.

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Monday Night Brewing adds Memphis distribution

Atlanta based Monday Night Brewing is adding distribution to Memphis, Tennessee. The brewery has signed a distribution deal with A.S. Barbaro.

In 2018, the brewery added Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville distribution and found a great fan reception.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the reaction we got in Tennessee when we expanded to Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville last year. So we knew that we wanted to also come to Memphis and the rest of West Tennessee. But we also wanted to make sure that we could keep up with the demand of our other markets. After purchasing some new equipment and adding more staff, we’re confident we can handle the additional load.”  – ”  Monday Night Brewing CEO and co-founder Jeff Heck

Memphis drinkers can expect Monday Night’s core and seasonal releases starting in May 2019.

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Trillium Double Seesaw Gose

Trillium Double Seesaw Gose

Trillium Double Seesaw Gose

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Creature Comforts Resilience IPA

Creature Comforts Resilience IPA

Creature Comforts Resilience IPA



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Bud Light will host a 3-night music festival in Atlanta during the Super Bowl

Bud Light Music Festival

The Super Bowl will be hosted in Atlanta this year at the city’s new $1 billion+ stadium and home of the Atlanta Falcons – Mercedes Benz Stadium

The area next door, previously known as Phillps Arena and past home to the Atlanta Thrashers and current Atlanta Hawks, has also just been renovated and renamed to State Farm Arena. In January, State Farm will host a three-day Bud Light music festival alongside the Super Bowl.

The initial lineup has been announced, which includes Bruno Mars, Ludacris, and Cardi B. Friday’s lineup includes Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Aerosmith. Bud Light is teasing a fourth major artist to be announced soon.

The fest runs from Thursday, January 31st to Saturday, February 2nd.

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If you drunkenly drop the new iPhones in beer, it will probably survive

iPhone Xs Beer Dunking

SquareTrade, an Allstate Insurance owned electronic device insurance company, recently put the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max to a series of rigorous tests.

Apple touts this series of iPhones as having the most durable glass (as usual) which the company puts to the test in the video. According to the test results, the Xs Max scored better on front and back drop tests than the smaller XS.

Perhaps even more interestingly, Apple touts these phones as having the highest water resistance when compared to previous phones. That would be good if you are walking to work and get caught in a surprise thunderstorm. But what if you accidentally drop your phone into a vat of beer? You’re all drinkers. We don’t know how you get down.

Using 138 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, SquareTrade dropped both phones into 5 feet of the lager for 30 minutes. Both phones came out fine. You’ll be able to clean them off and send your endless stream of drunken selfies without issue.

The front and back glass still break pretty damn easy, but damn if they won’t repel beer.

The more you know 🌈.