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California berries: Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA

Anchor Blackberry Daze Ipa

Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA is coming to the California based brewery’s lineup in the near future.

Let’s face it. Fruited India pale ales are here to stay. So much so that some of America’s largest and most respected breweries have added a fusion of hops and fruit to their year-round lineup. Now it is Anchor’s turn.

Anchor Blackberry Daze is brewed with Cali-grown blackberries, added during secondary fermentation. The brewery expects this beer to have ripe fruit flavors, and an underlying hop bitterness that plays nicely with tartness from the blackberries.

Blackberry Daze IPA The synergistic union Blackberry pie. The BlackBerry one California, it is our ideal choice singular Anchor brew. Blackberry Daze gets its hop bitterness and some of its hop aroma in the brewhouse. Most of the action, however, is in the cellar, where the fruit is added during secondary fermentation. A special blend of loamy, herbaceous hops for dry-hopping complements the brightness and deep complexity of the blackberries. The result is a funky synthesis of rich earth and ripe fruit, hop bitterness and blackberry tartness, with alluring color and aromas up front, sublimely intense flavors, and a refreshingly dryish finish.

Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA will be a draft and 12 ounce bottle offering. The brewery has not yet announced this beer.

Style: IPA (w/ Blackberries)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: TBA

6.5% ABV