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A Line Forms In Indiana. Dark Lord Day + Variants

Somewhere in Indiana (ok, Munster for those of you with a map) there is a line.  Today is 3 Floyd’s Brewing “Dark Lord Day.” Beer geeks/lovers/enthusiasts/psychos from all over vie for a bottle(s) of Dark Lord Imperial Stout, ranking among the best beers on planet earth.

In addition to grabbing a bottle of Dark Lord, the brewery has some rare variants available today.  Those lucky enough to attend the event today got a “Golden Ticket.” Each ticket has a scratch off portion, much like a lottery ticket.  If you win, you get a chance to purchase a barrel aged Dark Lord variant.  The variants are:

Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Lord

Vanilla Bean Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Lord

Cognac Barrel Aged Dark Lord

Cognac Barrel Aged Dark Lord de Muerte  (Aged w/ ancho and guajillo peppers)

Each bottle is waxed dipped, screen printed, and a whopping $50 dollars a bottle.

below: A 2012 Dark Lord Day ticket

  • chak

    MUNSTER.  jeez, get it right man.

    • Rramsay

      Yeah, well. I’m hungover. It happens. 

    • reidramsay

      Yeah, well I’m hungover. It happens.

  • Mark Graves5

    $50 dollars a bottle? No thanks.